Book locker: Valentine picks for boating romance

Newlyweds Afloat

Jan 27, 2022

This selection reflects love at sea: either finding it there, or spending your life at sea with your loved one.

Newlyweds Afloat













Newlyweds Afloat
by Schneiderhan, Felicia
CAD $21.95

One intriguing nautical fact complicates the familiar story of girl meets boy, love happens, marriage follows: he lives aboard the trawler Mazurka in Chicago’s harbour. Schneiderhan’s memoir of her transition from city girl to liveaboard is part travelogue, part how-to, part love story.

Bay of Spirits













Bay of Spirits: A Love Story
by Mowat, Farley
CAD $21.00

A stunningly beautiful and talented young artist, Claire Wheeler, climbed aboard Farley’s beloved, but jinxed, schooner as it lay on the St. Pierre docks, again under repair. This is the story of their love affair, of summers spent sailing the Newfoundland coast, and of their decision to start their life together in Burgeo, one of the province’s last remaining outports.

Sea Over Bow













Sea Over Bow: A North Atlantic Crossing
by Kenyon, Linda
CAD $15.00

When her marriage of 25 years ended badly, Linda Kenyon was determined never to put herself in the way of a broken heart again. Enter an extraordinary man. In an act of courage–or foolishness?–Kenyon decided to sell everything and sail the Atlantic with him. This romance-cum-sailing-adventure is about love’s rebirth: love for a man, for the sea, for the simplicity of life afloat, and for the beauty of the natural world.

As Long As It's Fun













As Long As It’s Fun
by McCormick, Herb
CAD $30.95

The biography of Lin and Larry Pardey, household names in the world of cruising. In this book, McCormick recounts both their remarkable sailing career, and delves deeply into their personal lives. Their often controversial opinions, sometimes-tenuous marriage, and amazing list of accomplishments make for an interesting read. Herb interviewed family, friends and critics to write this sailing tale in a very human way.

Once Is Enough













Once is Enough
by Smeeton, Miles
CAD $16.99

Miles Smeeton and his wife Beryl sailed their 46-foot Bermuda ketch, “Tzu Hang”, through the wild seas of Cape Horn, one of the first small boats to attempt the east-to-west route. A horrendous pitchpole, a year of repairs, and a second dismasting are only part of their exciting and thoughtful story. First-published in 1959, “Once Is Enough” shares hard-learned lessons for other intrepid sailors.

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