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Marine Diesel Colouring

May 26, 2022

The days are lovely and what better way to celebrate than heading to the engine compartment. Here is some good reading to get everything running smoothly:

Marine Diesel Engine Essentials: A Learning and Coloring Book
by Swan Neal, Amanda
CAD $17.95
This unusual and whimsical sea-themed adult colouring book takes you on an exploratory adventure that can help you understand the six systems that make a marine diesel engine work. The notes and labels identify the individual components of each system that you colour. A trio of experts put it together: offshore sailing instructor Amanda Swan Neal (creator), sailing artist Andrea England (illustrator) and diesel engine author Nigel Calder (content reviewer).





Outboard EnginesOutboard Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair
by Sherman, Ed
CAD $29.95

2nd ed. Bridges the gap between basic owner’s manuals and professional shop manuals. Covers topics such as electronic ignition, direct fuel injection, oil injection systems, and four-stroke powerheads. Also includes step-by-step flowcharts of important procedures and advanced diagnostic techniques.







Diesels AfloatDiesels Afloat
by Smedley, Callum & Pat Manley
CAD $41.95

 2nd ed. The book covers everything from how the diesel engine works to engine electrics, from fault finding to out of season layup. With this guide and your engine’s manual you can get the best performance from your boat’s engine and be confident to solve problems. The book covers the syllabus of the RYA Diesel Engine and MCA Approved Engine (AEC-1) courses.







Troubleshooting Marine DieselsTroubleshooting Marine Diesels
by Compton, Peter
CAD $33.95

 Comprehensive hands-on guide to diesel engine maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. Detailed troubleshooting charts and instructions begin the book, followed by chapters on specific systems, allowing readers to quickly diagnose a problem, then turn to the chapter with the solution. Part of the “International Marine Sailboat Library”.







Marine Diesel EnginesMarine Diesel Engines
by Calder, Nigel
CAD $38.95

 3rd ed. The world’s bestselling marine engine maintenance book. Troubleshooting charts, hundreds of exploded drawings, and detailed photos enhance Nigel Calder’s lucid explanations of how to care for marine diesel engines and where to look when something goes wrong. This edition includes updated coverage of fuel injection, electronic controls, and other new technologies.








Adlard Coles Diesel Engines 5thThe Adlard Coles Book of Diesel Engines
by Bartlett, Mel
CAD $37.00

 5th ed. Melanie Bartlett has completely updated this handbook for boat owners, explaining the engine and all relevant sub-systems. Her advice extends to tools and winterizing. Hints, tips, and helpful fault-finding tables for troubleshooting are complemented by new colour photos and diagrams







Marine Diesel BasicsMarine Diesel Basics
by Berwick, Dennison
CAD $23.95

 This highly visual guide will help you deal confidently with your diesel engine. Berwick introduces you to all parts of the system–from the topsides’ fuel fill to the shaft and prop. More than 300 illustrations guide you through seasonal engine maintenance, winter lay-up and protection, storing your engine in the tropics, spring recommissioning, and more. “Seeing is understanding” underlies the approach, here. Every procedure begins with a list of required tools and equipment, including personal safety and cleaning equipment. This book is ideal for absolute beginners and makes clear what they can and cannot do safely.






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