Petition to Keep the Comox MCTS Station Open

Comox MCTS Station

Apr 26, 2016

This is a privately started petition from seeking to stop the closure of the Comox MCTS station.

Last year, the Vancouver and Tofino Marine Traffic and Communications (MCTS) stations were closed. With an increase of shipping traffic expected in the future, the necessity of having multiple MCTS stations seems obvious. There is a suggestion that the construction of the new bridge that will replace the Massey Tunnel is to accommodate more tanker traffic—a further increase in traffic in what is currently the busiest area on the west coast of North America. Now the Comox MCTS station is scheduled to close on May 10th, 2016.

The Comox MCTS station was constructed to survive a seismic event, it was rebuilt around 1993. The remaining MCTS stations (Victoria and Prince Rupert) could very well be compromised in the event of a Tsunami, while the Comox station would not. If the Comox station closes, with multiple occurrences taking place at the same time, the remaining stations would be overloaded, possibly jeopardizing the life of someone who needed assistance. Even if both stations were fully operational in the case of a seismic event, they would be overwhelmed. In such a situation, it is likely there would be a decrease in operational ability, if not a failure. This is unacceptable, given the heavy shipping traffic on our coast and danger to lives and the environment. Communications are the foundation on which Search and Rescue operates. It is essential to a functioning system.

This petition seeks to lobby Minister TooToo and Prime Minister Trudeau to stop plans for closing the Comox MCTS station because it’s closure would pose a great risk to public safety and environmental protections.

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