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38 Formula Sea Speed V10 X Ultra White

Apr 12, 2023

SEA-SPEED bottom paint is a revolutionary high-performance Silane-Siloxane bottom coating technology now available for pleasure craft vessels. It replaces conventional toxic antifouling bottom paints for all types of vessels and the benefits are significant:

• The ultra smooth surface reduces fuel consumption 6 – 12 %, with increased range and speed
• It’s easy to clean and environmentally safe with zero toxins
• It is extremely durable, non-depleting – non polishing with a 10-year guarantee

The extremely low surface roughness is under 5 microns which will increase speed and range of any vessel because of reduced drag. Unlike conventional toxic bottom paint, SEA-SPEED can be scrubbed without reducing the film thickness or removing the coating.  It has a ten-year warranted lifecycle. The reduced maintenance costs make SEA-SPEED technically and environmentally hard to beat.

SEA-SPEED is the ideal choice for recreational sailing and motorboats. Completely non-toxic with an exceptionally durable proprietary Silane – Siloxane technology yielding the smoothest hull non-stick surface on the market today. Perfect for aluminum, fiberglass, gel coat, and / or wooden hulls on sailboats, sport boats and mega yachts of all sizes. 

FreeSpirit 36 PearsonSeacoat’s unique technology forms a hard yet flexible elastomeric coating that is impermeable and highly durable. Once applied, the hull can be cleaned by hand or mechanically without damage or paint removal such as when cleaning ablative bottom paint. 


The epoxy is available in black, white, aquamarine blue, forest green, red oxide and light grey. SEA-SPEED also has clear foul release coating for new boats which is ideal for racing sail & powerboats, your daily runabout or mega-yacht. The clear coat is perfect for new fiberglass or gel coat hulls where an owner does not want the “bottom paint” look. 



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