Written in partnership with KLK Yacht & Boat Tops: The Advantage of Doing Boat Canvas and Upholstery Year-Round

July 11, 2024

There is no need to argue that the boating season in Southern Ontario is short, and every day of good weather during the boating season counts. In typical Ontario weather conditions, a boater has their boat hauled out for 7-8 months during the winter season, while they can only enjoy the boat on the water for  a 5-6 month summer season.

Consequently, while some canvas shops follow the climate pattern and are not active during the winter, others operate year-round and can offer labor discounts for projects executed during the winter.

Planning your canvas and upholstery project for the winter benefits you in two ways: saving labor costs and preserving your leisure time during the boating season.

At KLK, we follow a strategic timeline for canvas projects like the bimini enclosures or mooring cover. We digitally pattern the boat from September to December and work in the shop between December and May to have a finished product ready for the boat launch date. This approach allows boaters and us to dedicate more time to 3D model evaluation, ensuring the final design aligns with the customer’s requirements. Imagine launching your boat with our stunning enclosure at the start of the season and have your boat ready to enjoy from the first days after the launch.

Common sense suggests that, in general, one should avoid significant upholstery projects during the boating season but plan these activities for the winter when the boat is unused. To do upholstery, we must remove the cushions from the boat and bring them to our shop. For this period, while we do upholstery in our shop your boat is without seats, often without essential seats like the captain chair. Completing the upholstery project is time-consuming but we strive to make the process as convenient and fast as possible for you.

It’s important to note that upholstery projects often take longer than the initial time estimation. One common problem is the availability of specific vinyl materials in the color and texture you need, so they must usually be ordered from the USA as backorders. Another common problem is the condition of the seat inside. After we open the seat, we often find rotten bottom boards or excessively compressed cushion foam. However, we are prepared to handle these challenges and ensure a smooth process. Awareness of these potential challenges should help you change a paradigm and plan your project as a winter project, thus providing a smoother process.

The above remarks represent “food for thought” suggested from the canvas shop perspective. These suggestions should facilitate a more effective financial approach and a win-win project execution scenario.

KLK Yacht and Boats Canvas Tops operates 12 months from its state-of-the-art canvas shop year-round. We execute all projects promptly, regardless of the time of submission. Our project delivery timelines are short and competitive, providing you with the reassurance and confidence that our staff will handle your project efficiently and effectively.

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