Early Bird Sale launches for boating permits on Parks Canada’s historic canals and waterways

Parks Canada Lock Pass

Feb 22, 2024

Parks Canada is pleased to announce its pre-season sale on select boating permits for the Trent-Severn Waterway, Rideau Canal and other National Historic Sites. Boaters can now purchase their Seasonal Lockage and Mooring permits and enjoy a discount on their visits to all the historic canals and waterways in Ontario and Quebec.

Until March 31, 2024, take 20% off seasonal lockage permits. Planning to stay along the way? Visitors will receive a further 10% off a seasonal mooring permit when purchased as part of the seasonal lockage and mooring package.

See all the permit types and order yours online: parksorders.ca


Where can I purchase my 2024 lockage and mooring permits? 

Visitors can order their permits online or by phoning 1-888-773-8888. Please visit the Parks Canada website (Passes, Permits, and Fees) for more information. Lockage and mooring permits will also be available at most lockstations, throughout the 2024 navigation season

What is the discount?

Early-Bird Discount
Pass/Permit typeEarly-bird price (until March 31, 2024)Early-bird detailsRegular season price
Seasonal Lockage and Mooring Package (both permits bought together for the same vessel)$17.90/foot20% off price of seasonal lockage, 10% off the price of seasonal mooring when bought as part of the package$21.00/foot (Mooring: $11.00/foot + Lockage: $10.00/foot)
Seasonal Lockage Permit$8.00/foot20% off price of seasonal lockage$10.00/foot

Where are lockage and mooring permits accepted?

Parks Canada lockage and mooring permits are accepted at the historic canals and waterways listed below. The mooring permits also allow boaters to moor at Thousand Islands National Park, and Georgian Bay Islands National Park.



Locations that do not charge lockage fees:

Further information on each location is available on the Parks Canada website.

What kind of lockage and mooring permits are there? How much do they cost?

A complete list of available lockage and mooring permits and their prices is available on the Parks Canada website: https://parks.canada.ca/lhn-nhs/canaux-canals/tarifs-promotions-fees.

Visitors are encouraged to consult the website to determine which option is best for them, depending on the length of time they plan on spending on the historic canals and waterways administered by Parks Canada. Alternatively, visitors can also phone the Parks Canada’s National Information Service for further information: 1-888-773-8888.

Why should I purchase my lockage or mooring permit now?

A number of visitors typically purchase their seasonal lockage and mooring permits throughout the winter to take advantage of the early bird incentives Lockage and mooring permits allow visitors to immerse themselves in the beautiful landscapes, fascinating history and lively local culture found along the historic canals and waterways administered by Parks Canada. This sale only happens once a year, so take advantage of this limited-time discount and start planning all those trips you’ve been dreaming of.

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