Deluxe Canvas Enclosure means Top Quality by design

May 9, 2024

Written in partnership with KLK Yachts & Boats Canvas Tops

A top-quality, deluxe enclosure begins at the initial stage of the project by ensuring we have the best achievable pattern for a given boat frame.

For many reasons, we never use the old product as a pattern. In most cases, we observe that the existing (old canvas) did not have a proper pattern before the previous fabrication to start with. Often, we see numerous wrinkles or stretches, shrunk window material, the frame is often crooked purposely skewed by the previous installer to hide or adjust for the imperfections of the old enclosure pattern and/or workmanship deficiencies. 

Our technician coming to your boat for patterning will adjust/tune and level the existing frame to restore the best symmetry. He will scan the boat using photogrammetry technology and then using CAD to produce a very accurate 3D model, which we send to the boat owner for approval and/or panel adjustment recommendation. Using CAD and CNC machine we generate very accurately the individual parts used in assembling panels and Bimini.

computer 3D Model created by rendering the Photogrammetry digital data.

Deluxe Product have zippered Bimini pockets. As well, the individual panels connected by zippers are fully removable. Using an engineering approach, we make our enclosure without the “holes” which are seen quite often in the upper parts of the enclosure corners where there is an intersection between the front panel, side panel, and Bimini. 

The Bimini and panels are made seaworthy, meaning that we apply reinforcement (double fabric) in places suspected of poor mechanical stability. The most appreciated feature of deluxe trim is having window vinyl sandwiched between two layers of fabric and having the zippers hidden from the view. This gives an elegant look from the outside and an elegant cozy feeling for the crew being inside. A big advantage of the deluxe window is the easiness of replacing damaged vinyl. We just remove the old vinyl by cutting the old thread and replacing the same size panel with a new one by inserting it between two layers of fabric. In our smile windows, we make the rollable part overlapping slightly the bottom edge of the actual panel which prevents the rainwater from entering the boat.

At KLK Y&B Canvas Tops we employ the same fabrication approach as described above for the actual deluxe product and standard (economy) one. The top-quality KLK Deluxe uses Premium window vinyl (StrataGlass) and PTFE (Teflon) thread which is chemically resistant and should last as long as your new enclosure. The advantage of Premium Vinyl is obvious, it has excellent optical clarity, it is scratch-resistant, does not shrink, and does not undergo discoloration.

actual picture of the installed enclosure.

When you are looking for Top-quality, World-Class canvas work for your boat, KLK Yacht, and Boats Canvas Tops is available to take on your project.

tel.: (416) 897-3250

mail: info@boattopsrepair.ca


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