Ask the Experts: Keeping Diesel Fuel Clean Part I – Biocide

Ask the Experts: Rob MacLeod


Keeping Diesel Fuel Clean Part I – Biocide

There are many additives available for your diesel fuel system. This week’s expert Craig Morely of Aquafacts Marine Surveys says there is one that all recreational boaters should use – Biocide. Craig explains how fungus gets into our fuel and what to do to kill fungal growth in diesel fuel. Craig is a certified marine surveyor, diesel technician and is certified by ABYC. We catch up with Craig at a Diesel Maintenance workshop he is conducting at the Mimico Cruising Club in Mississauga, ON.

View the Diesel Fuel Additives Video here.

Ask the Experts: CY is working with long time sailing instructor, author and founder of, Rob MacLeod. Rob is constantly amazed at what he doesn’t know about boating and sailing. Fortunately, coming up to his 40th anniversary in the boating industry, Rob has a long list of ‘experts’ that he can call on to get the information he needs.

This is your opportunity to help Rob help you and other boaters seek out that more difficult to find information. What questions do you have that Rob can ask the experts and put into a 3-minute video?


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