Safe, Reliable Shore Power Connections Are Critical

Smart Plug

Overheating due to poor electrical conductivity is the #1 cause of shore power failure.  Older plug designs are notorious for burning out as a result of loose connections and corrosion.  SmartPlug’s 30 amp connector and inlet have many features that greatly increase conductivity and reduce the possibility of overheating.

 The 30 amp inlet contains a trip thermostat, which cuts power in the unlikely event of overheating.  It’s set to trip at 200ºF, just before wire insulation begins to soften, and restores the power once it has cooled back down to a safe temperature of around 120ºF.        

The SmartPlug’s sleeve design means that the body of the connector bears that tension, rather than the electrical pins.  This keeps those points of electrical contact secure.

Other key features are the three weatherproof seals to eliminate moisture intrusion and the two locking side levers on the connector, as well as two points of contact on the locking cap that ensure a rock solid connection.  When not in use, the cap can be closed to form a weatherproof seal on the inlet.

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