New Products: A premium antifouling for all seasons – AkzoNobel introduces Micron® CSC-CA


Mar 9, 2022

AkzoNobel’s yacht coatings continue to set new standards in antifoulings with the latest addition to its renowned Micron® range – Micron CSC-CA. Micron CSC-CA is a multi-seasonal premium antifouling that enhances performance and minimizes paint build-up thanks to its unique Controlled Solubility Copolymer technology. Providing excellent longevity against all types of algae, weeds, barnacles and other shell fouling, the coating can be used below the waterline on fiberglass, wood and properly primed metal boat hull and parts on both power and sailboats in fresh, salt or brackish water. Boat handling is improved as a result of its controlled polishing, while reduced paint build-up allows for easier reapplication.

Micron CSC-CA’s high solids formulation also means it’s kinder to the environment – making it easier to achieve film thickness, which in turn reduces VOC emissions. And with a formulation that can be applied at temperatures as low as 5°C / 41℉ it provides a welcome boost to boatyard and boater applied productivity in colder months of the year.

Micron CSC-CA is compatible over most antifoulings with a basic prep and is available in gallons, with a color choice of black, blue and red. Micron CSC-CA is available across Canada at Interlux retailers and boatyard centers.

For the spring of 2021, qualifying purchases of Micron CSC-CA are eligible for a mail-in-rebate of $25 per gallon for up to two gallons.

For more information on Micron CSC-CA and the Interlux Mail-in Rebate please visit this link.

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