Global Supply of Teak Disappearing


August 26, 2020

By Alex Milne

Teak is one of those fine woods that have a gorgeous look and feel. Once it was used substantially in the marine industry, because the rich natural oils in teak have a waterproofing effect. Unfortunately with clear cutting and global warming, the world’s supply of prime teak diminishes, and the product is quickly becoming a scarce material for home, boaters, and cottage furniture. Natural teak oil gradually rises to the surface of the wood through sun beating down, and will evaporate to the point where the wood will take on that dull grey, dry, weathered look. Our very dry Canadian and USA winters and reduced indoor humidity tend to speed up this deterioration process.

The best advice is to protect the valuable teak you have today. Simply apply a single coat of the globally recognized Natural Marine Ultra Teak Oil, 500ml, #6042,  MSR $24.95, to your indoor teak or other natural wood furniture in both spring and especially in the fall. Outdoor marine teak may require up to 3 coats; indoor and outdoor furniture a single coat. About 50% of marine teak oil is sold for home and cottage outdoor furniture,  the rest for boats.

Note: If teak has been previously varnished or otherwise previously sealed, the natural teak oil cannot be absorbed. Once wood pores are sealed, oils cannot be replenished, so you have to stick with existing coating.

This premium Natural Marine Ultra Teak Oil, manufactured in Canada and used by decades by professionals, is the only product available that contains; High grade Tung oil, 4 Natural wood oils, a Waterproofer and UV Sunscreen. This ensures maximum, deep, wood protection and will greatly extend that new teak look. As you put the boat or cottage furniture to bed, now is the time to add one more coat to give your teak ultimate winter protection.

Natural Marine Ultra Teak Oil, $27.79, is available from leading marine stores and marine chandleries nation wide, as well as almost all local Home Hardware stores.

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