False Creek Fuels takes the guesswork out of choosing fuel additives for your boat

False Creek Fuel Dock

Jan 24, 2019

Most of us have heard of fuel additives, whether it be for gasoline or diesel. But which one to choose, if any, and why? False Creek Fuels in Vancouver has decided to take the guess work out of the equation and supply ValvTect Marine Fuel, a pre-treated fuel formulated for marine use.

Valvetech Marine DieselFor gasoline, ValvTect keeps stabilizes fuel for 1 year or longer, inhibits corrosion, contains a moisture dispersant (to help safely remove water), prevents phase separation with ethanol fuels, cleans fuel injectors, intake valves, intake port, and manifold deposits, cleans combustion chamber and carburetor deposits, and prevents filter plugging and extends filter life.

For diesel, ValvTect fuel stabilizes the fuel and extends the shelf life up to 2 years and longer, improves thermal stability, prevents filter plugging, extends filter life, inhibits corrosion, protects against rust, controls moisture (thus preventing sludge), lubricates injectors and pumps to prevent premature wear, increases cetane (providing easier and faster start-ups, less noise, and reduced smoke and exhaust emissions), cleans up internal diesel injector deposits and external tip deposits, reduces chamber and piston deposits, improves fuel economy, and reduces smoke, odor, and soot. In addition, the fuel contains a biocide which will prevent and kill microbial growth.

As a certified ValvTect Fuel Station, False Creek Fuels undergoes annual fuel testing to ensure our fuel meets the high standards set forth by ValvTect.

Valvetech Gasoline













It is important to consider fuel quality and storage on your boat because unlike your car, most boats do not have a closed vent system. As the vent is always open to the atValv Techmosphere, and sits just above the waterline, it is more prone to picking up moisture. In addition, boats tend to store fuel for a much longer period of time versus their automotive counterparts, thus requiring the help of a stabilizer! Finally, our boat engines have to work hard to move the vessel through the water; so fuel quality is critical to ensuring peak engine performance. In addition to supplying ValvTect blended fuels, False Creek Fuels carries a huge selection of other popular fuel additives, Shell Rotella lubricants, and great selection of marine oil and fuel filters.

If you have any questions you can always talk to Mike Short at False Creek Fuels.


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