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Insiders Guide to Boat Cleaning and Detailing

Mar 24, 2022

With the crocuses comes the ladders, brushes and tools. Tarp off, project list on. Read all about it to get in the mood.


Insiders Guide to Boat Cleaning and DetailingThe Insider’s Guide to Boat Cleaning and Detailing
by Sears, Natalie
CAD $23.95
A professional shares the secrets that will help you make your sail- or powerboat shine. Sears recommends both generic and brand-name cleaning and maintenance products and fills you in on how to achieve maximum effect with minimum work using environmentally safe methods.









Upgrading Boat InteriorUpgrading Your Boat’s Interior
by Westin, Mike
CAD $42.99
News flash: life belowdecks does not need to be uncomfortable! Westin shows power- and sailboat owners how to improve the comfort, functionality, and convenience of a boat’s living quarters. Each job has an equipment list and difficulty rating. The improvements include interior lighting and simple decorating ideas, personalizing the space, improving the comfort of cushions and mattresses, creating workable storage solutions, and major woodwork projects (such as rebuilding the galley from scratch). Second in the “Adlard Coles Manual” series.








Inspecting Aging SailboatsInspecting the Aging Sailboat
by Casey, Don
CAD $21.95
A complete reference for the boatowner or prospective boat buyer on evaluating the condition of fibreglass sailboats, using common sense and proven advice rather than complicated methodology. Hull, deck, rig, interior, engine, and electrical system are all covered. Casey also guides the reader through the process of hiring a professional surveyor, which, he suggests, may not always be necessary.









Painting and VarnishingPainting and Varnishing
by Spectre, Peter H., ed.
CAD $27.95
A collection of 24 articles from “Wooden Boat” magazine. From basics to specialized jobs, topics cover stripping old paint, dealing with mildew, choosing paint and coatings, caring for scrapers and brushes, quick tips for springtime varnishing and painting, hot weather varnishing, and much more. Part of the “WoodenBoat” series.









Don Casey's MaintenanceDon Casey’s Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual
by Casey, Don
CAD $75.00
Gathers together the six core volumes from the International Marine Sailboat Library. Casey, author of five of the original books, provides step-by-step instructions and illustrations that walk readers through such essential tasks as painting, varnishing, and repairing cosmetic and structural damage on fiberglass boats. Also covers evaluating the condition of a sailboat, making and repairing sails, repairing and improving electrical systems, and much more.








Boat Improvement BibleThe Boat Improvement Bible: Practical Projects to Customise and Upgrade Your Boat
CAD $5.00
Detailed manual on how to improve all aspects of a yacht or motorboat, including many projects that will improve a boat’s safety, comfort, facilities, storage, performance on the water, and value. Projects include installing heating systems, water systems, air conditioning, better ventilation, solar or wind-power chargers, interior lighting, adding a bathing platform and much more.











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