Online Sailing Course – Learn to Sail: The Basics

Learn to Sail with Rob MacLeod Ltd has announced the launch of its first online sailing course Learn to Sail: The Basics. 

Each year, thousands of Canadians consider getting into sailing. There is a lot of romanticism attached to being under sail – fair breezes, good friends, finding a secluded anchorage at the end of the day. “That’s what keeps sailing alive for me,” says veteran sailing instructor, Rob MacLeod. 

In 9 chapters, Learn to Sail: The Basics allows a beginner to:

• Learn the language of sailing – the terms necessary to communicate effectively on a boat
• Understand and know how to use the equipment lawfully required on a 22 to 26 foot sailboat
• Be able to describe what makes a sailboat go (the physics of sailing) and how to stop the sailboat when required
• Learn how to stay safe from the elements – the sun and cold water
• Become familiar with weather systems for day sailing and know where to get the best information to make sure it is safe to go out on the water
• Learn the rules of the road (or water) and how to avoid dangerous situations

All of this is covered using over three hours of video instruction spread across 51 convenient video lessons.  All instructional videos are hosted and taught by Rob MacLeod, a certified sailing instructor who has taught thousands of people to sail across North America and throughout the Caribbean. Each of the chapters comes complete with a PDF download to augment student learning. Each chapter concludes with a quiz to so students can assess their understanding of the material.

Chapter 9 – Next Steps, directs the student to where they can gain the on-water experience that will allow them to put Learn to Sail: The Basics into practice.

This course is based on the learn to sail standards of numerous national sailing associations (listed in the handout for Chapter 9) and will prepare the student to take the practical aspects of sailing at a sailing school, yacht club or with a competent friend.

“If you have ever dreamed of leaving the dock on a sailboat 

– Learn to Sail: The Basics is your best start.”

Learn to Sail: The Basics is the first of several boating course planned for release in 2015.

View more details and test drive the sailing course here.

Visit our Ask the Experts section featuring Rob MacLeod’s DIY videos answering Readers’ Questions Ltd was founded by Rob MacLeod in 2008 as a way to produce and distribute instructional boating videos. Rob has been teaching sailing and boating since 1975 and has developed a number of books and instructional videos over the past four decades.

Rob MacLeod is a Sail Canada certified Intermediate Cruising Instructor. Rob was formerly an Instructor Evaluator (1978 to 1990) and the first Technical Director of the American Sailing Association (1983 to 1984), Rob was instrumental in the development of boating instruction in North America.

Rob has written 4 books: Sailing Fundamentals (ASA 1984), Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills (1985 and 2013), Intermediate Sailing and Cruising Skills (1987) and Coastal Navigation Skills (1989) and co-hosted 2 television series (6 shows each) – “Set Your Sails” and “Learn to Navigate” for TVOntario and PBS.


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