Halifax and more Halifax!

June 27, 2024

Move over Vancouver! Suddenly Halifax has emerged as the nautical destination of choice for the  glamour set. The NS media are full of photos of JK Rowling’s big yacht on the Halifax pier and Harry Potter fans are dropping by to pay homage.. Who knew this was the harbour where big money is tying up the old boat.

This is just weeks after Halifax Harbour hosted the Sail GP fleet to much acclaim.  I am confident that the international SailGP fans couldn’t find Nova Scotia with a gold plated GPS but the Nova Scotia city certainly was the perfect venue for that big event too. Let’s look at the schedule of these big money SailGP events: Bermuda, Cadiz, St Tropez, Abu Dhabi, LA, NYC, San Fran….Halifax???  Yes indeed.

The HFX waterfront is clearly the place to be. Over the many years, those Halogonians have been incredibly modest or even secretive. Turns out that there’s more boating than just the Bluenose and everyone is heading east.  But pack a parka as well as your bathing togs!


On a very different note, the flare story continues. Editor Andy Adams has a report in this issue and is in close touch with the industry and marine retailers.  We hope soon to be able to direct boaters to safe disposal of outdated flares.  Please stand by.

John Morris, Online Editor

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