CPS-ECP Boating Skills Virtual Trainers Coming to a Boat Show Near You



January 4, 2016

CPS-ECP has acquired two more Boating Skills Virtual Trainers (BSVT). This is a simulator model jointly developed by United States Power Squadrons and Virtual Driver Interactive. This unit will allow boaters to practice the basics of recreational small boat handling. At this time it represents a center console single engine runabout type boat. 

The program consists of nine preplanned lessons that cover basic manoeuvers and safe boating practices: Docking, Slalom Course, Crossing/Overtaking other vessels, Departing dock, Manoeuvering in Fairways, Pivot Turn, Mooring, Emergency Stop, Trim control in throttle, Night manoeuvres with crossing/overtaking lights, and controls to change wind and current direction and strength.

The BSVT embodies high-end technology featuring three computer screens with a selective rotating field of vision close to 360 degrees. It has a responsive steering wheel with console switches for horn and navigation lights and a Mercury Marine throttle. It reacts to variable settings for trim, current and wind. On the dashboard you see your compass, tach and speedometer. Students may manoeuvre through simulated exercises in a virtual environment, without the risks of a real boat on the water. The helm seat can be set up on a regular desk or conference table.

Although developed in the United States as a single language trainer, CPS-ECP funded the development of the first multi-lingual BSVT and the trainer can be switched between English and French.  The introduction of the BSVT by CPS-ECP was made possible throughgrants from the Cowan Foundation, CPS-ECP Life Members and the CPS Foundation.


A Boating Skills Virtual Trainer will be at the following shows for attendees to gain hands-on experience and learn new manoeuvres, without the risk.

Toronto International Boat Show January 8-17

Salon du bateau February 4-7

Calgary Boat & Sportsmen Show February 4-7

Halifax International Boat Show February 18-21

Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen Show February 18-21

London Boat Show, February 19-21

For more dates, info and videos visit: http://bit.ly/1Fof8ZL


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