28 Canadian sailors in Germany for the Kiel Week event

Keel Week

June 23, 2022

49er FX teammates Ali ten Hove and Marian Millen Photo: Sailing Energy

A strong contingent of 28 Canadian sailors, including Tokyo 2020 Olympians Ali ten Hove, Mariah Millen, William Jones and Evan DePaul, will take part in the Kiel Week event June 22-26 in Germany.

Several members of the Sail Canada National Team and Development Squad will be in action at this competition, one of the biggest in the world in that it will be showcasing 4,000 athletes, including 49er FX teammates Ali ten Hove and Marian Millen, as well as Antonia and Georgia Lewin-LaFrance.

“We are excited to be back racing in Germany,” said Ali ten Hove. “Kiel Week was our first international regatta as a team back in 2018! It will be the perfect warm-up event before we compete at the European Championships, which start July 5.”

“I’m looking forward to racing in the upcoming Kiel Week event,” said Fillah Karim, who was the top Canadian at the recent World ILCA 7 Men’s Championship. “Every regatta I’ve sailed in Kiel has brought quite a variety of conditions, so it promises to be a challenging event that keeps you on your toes. Also, being that it’s not a peak event in our program, it will be a great opportunity to experiment and test out some different things as we work to build on the weaknesses that were identified at the World Championships last month.”

Among Canada’s representatives are also Sail Canada Development Squad members Liam Bruce, James Juhasz, Ryan Anderson and Luke Ruitenberg in ILCA 7, Coralie Vittecoq, Clara Gravely and Maura Dewey in ILCA 6, as well as Arie Moffat and Sam Bonin in 49er.

Annalise Balasubramanian will also be in action as she will be finalizing her preparation for the upcoming Youth Sailing World Championships to be held July 10-14 in The Hague, in the Netherlands.

“Competing in the Kiel Week event before the Youth Worlds will allow me to get a taste of a difficult regatta because this will be my first time racing in a more senior and European competition,” said Annalise Balasubramanian. “This regatta will let me see how I can perform in such a fleet and give me some practice time sailing with an aggressive fleet in hard conditions, something which I wouldn’t get otherwise. Pushing myself to compete against some of the top women will be great preparation for the Youth Worlds. It will also give me a chance to have some extra practice sailing in Europe, with its tricky currents and wind conditions!”

Canadian sailors at the 2022 Kiel Week event

49er FX
Antonia & Georgia Lewin-LaFrance (Chester, N.S.) – RNSYS/CYC – Canadian Sailing Team
Ali ten Hove (Kingston, ON) & Mariah Millen (Toronto, ON) – Kingston YC/RCYC – Canadian Sailing Team Audrey Staples (Beaconsfield, QC) & Marion Lafrance-Berger (Montréal, QC) – RSLYC
Tate Howell (Toronto, ON) & Adrianna Baird (Beaconsfield, QC) – RCYC/RVYC/Pointe-Claire YC

William Jones (Jerseyville, ON) & Evan DePaul (Burlington, ON) – RHYC – Canadian Sailing Development Squad
Arie Moffat (Kingston, ON) & Samuel Bonin (Toronto, ON) – KYC/RCYC – Canadian Sailing Development Squad
Dylan Jones (Victoria, B.C.) & Jonathan Kelly (Nanaimo, B.C.) – RVicYC/RVYC
Thomas & William Staples (Beaconsfield, QC) – RSLYC

Maura Dewey – (Victoria, B.C., RVYC) – Canadian Sailing Development Squad
Clara Gravely (Toronto, ON, ABYC) – Canadian Sailing Development Squad
Coralie Vittecoq – (Montréal, QC, Pointe-Claire YC/BLBC) – Canadian Sailing Development Squad
Annalise Balasubramanian – (Toronto, ON-RCYC)

Ryan Anderson (Halifax, N.S., RNSYS) – Canadian Sailing Development Squad
Liam Bruce (Oakville, ON, Port Credit YC) – Canadian Sailing Development Squad
Fillah Karim (Vancouver, B.C., RVYC) – Canadian Sailing Development Squad
James Juhasz (Oakville, ON, BHYC) – Canadian Sailing Development Squad
Luke Ruitenberg (St. Margaret’s Bay, N.S., RNSYS) – Canadian Sailing Development Squad
Ben Flower (Tobermory, ON, Tobermory YC)

Nacra 17
Zoé Roosen (Montréal/Beaconsfield, QC) & Nicolas Tosi (Gatineau, QC) – RSLYC/Kelowna YC/PCYC

More details and a link to the results are available on Sail Canada’s website at www.sailing.ca.

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