CPS-ECP dues increase – your comments

Dues Increase Comments

July 22, 2021

As one would expect, the proposed increase in the annual dues paid by CPS-ECP members has drawn a fair number of comments, both for and against the increase.

Here’s a sampling of what we’ve heard from CPS-ECP members regarding the proposed increase that will be voted upon at this October’s national convention and AGM.

I am not a very active member, and it has been some years since I took a course, but I am well aware of the good things that CPS-ECP brings to the boating community, from offering quality courses to lobbying the government on behalf of all boaters. It’s a great organization and it needs to be supported. I would be quite happy to pay an additional 10 or 20 bucks a year in membership fees. A McDonald’s meal deal costs that. My Bell bills have doubled since 2012. I’m pretty sure that if it is a genuine financial hardship for folks, they need only discuss it with their local bridge for relief. Or, alternatively, put a box on the renewal form to give folks the ability to add an extra support amount of 10 or 20 bucks just by ticking the box. Those that can, will. I think most can.
Dan Simpson, AP Ashbridge’s Bay Power and Sail Squadron 

I wonder if putting up the price will only drive people away from renewal as most people state you don’t get much for the money now. We have to beg people to renew now so it’s only going to get harder to get renewals. The general boater says it’s not worth the money and is not interested in joining.

I’ve been retired since before 2012 and my income from CPP, OAS, RRIF and savings-interest combined has actually declined. At the same time, the cost of food, fuel, insurance, taxes, accommodation, travel etc. have steadily increases. Thanks for holding the line for a while but you might as well join the party.

I don’t think anyone is going to object to increase from $52 to $59 if that is what is being telegraphed but I do think CPS-ECP needs to be a little more transparent on what the proposed increased needs to be; how many members CPS-ECP currently has and hopes to have; and the extra revenue that will be generated based on assumptions and how that helps the overall picture. There won’t be the opportunity to put another significant increase for a while so make sure the increase is going to do the job.
Frank Braeuer, Okanagan Power and Sail Squadron

I’m not sure what the bylaws of CPS-ECP say but I would have a board of directors vote to increase the fees by $8 immediately and then revisit it formally every three years so it it doesn’t get out of hand. Can anyone who does any kind of boating say that $8 more per year will deter him or her from boating or from renewing his or her membership? We’re going bankrupt and a few silly souls will let it happen. If we lose 5 percent of the membership, the fee increase will more than make up for that. 
Owen Kurin, AP Toronto

We have no problem with a proposed fee increase.
Gary and Marlene Peltz

Not only Canadians are members of CPS!
Captain Rick Scott, US Merchant Marines

I just read Peter Bolton’s article regarding a dues increase. Using the numbers supplied in the article, a dues increase is still not nearly enough to cover our expenses. We have a very critical cash flow crunch. In the last 15 years we have seen a trend to lower membership. I don’t see any reason why this trend will stop any time soon. National should accept the reality of the situation and drastically reduce our expenses, even if that means a reduction in services.
Mike Taylor, AP

I fully support a dues increase. If it is in fact just $8 per annum, it is a no brainer. I have enjoyed the benefits of CPS-ECP membership for many years and want to see the organization thrive. The one area I would like to see improvement is in education. I have taken a number of courses and this spring completed B3 with Joe Gatfield (who was a great instructor by the way). One of the positive outcomes of the pandemic has been the forced switch to virtual gatherings. I feel this creates a tremendous opportunity for CPS-ECP to significantly expand its course offerings. I have registered for classroom training here in BC only to find it cancelled at the last minute due to limited enrolment. With virtual training, this past winter/spring I was able to take a course offered by the Windsor squadron here in my home in Abbotsford, BC. Yet there are still not many squadrons offering such training. The materials that CPS-ECP provides for various courses in the form of textbooks and Power Point presentations should make the switch to virtual training almost seamless. Please encourage squadrons to make this a priority but, regardless of your success in this regard, you still have my support for the dues increase.
Lindsay John Babineau 915 094BAB 

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