Editor’s Note: Meeting Don

Nov 23, 2023

The only good thing that has happened in the last few days is meeting Don.  Don is soon (or maybe already) celebrating his four-score but he owns a fantastic boat that he couldn’t tell me enough about when we met at a pre-pre-holiday party. I have not seen it or even a photo but it’s a 2000-and-something Doral Phazar that he keeps in the Kawarthas.  I am going to get up with him soon and get the whole story of a gentleman speedboater.  I wonder if he wakeboards.

 This is not Don’s boat, just some Phazar I pulled off the web. Still a hot design years later!

Other than that, it’s blah-ville. Sure the holidays start next month and the boat shows are the month after.  But when is launch? Ok, ok..  I got it. Some time off in the foggy, snow and sleet-filled future.

I have written about this before but it keeps on returning. Canada is a somewhat irritating when it comes to the boating off-season.  It’s doubly infuriating because it’s totally wonderful from May to October. Even folks who leave their boats in the water year-round don’t use them much in the non-summer.

You can write your MP and complain. You can ski and pretend that’s fun. But mostly it’s a waiting game.  I will spend some winter time looking at Don’s photo album, which I am completely looking forward to. Then I am going to contact the folks who built Doral back then and get the whole story. You guys will be the second to know.

John Morris, Online Editor

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