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Apr 26, 2018

It seems like Halifax is undergoing a major rebuild with more cranes downtown than in many years and the city’s waterfront is no exception. Anyone who has visited in the last two years has seen the huge hole, now slowly filling in, between the Maritime Museum and the Cable wharf. The floating boardwalk put in place last year is the most obvious change, but the Queen’s Marque construction project has affected access for yachts.

Museum WharfWith several regattas planned for the summer, including the Boxing Rock Harbour Race and the start for the Halifax to St. Pierre Ocean Race in June (more about these in the next OnBoard), it might be an appropriate time to revisit what facilities are available. The Waterfront Development Corp (WDCL) to their credit have made progress in making the waterfront a boat friendly place. More and more large yachts have been visiting, although protected dockage for smaller boats is limited.

Here is a list of the space and services available:

Queens MarkCunard Seawall: 60.9 m (200 ft.) seawall

Maritime Museum Wharf: 45 m (150 ft.)

Purdy’s Wharf: 27.4 m (90 ft.) floating dock

Salter Boardwalk: 130 m (426 ft.) seawall

South Battery Pier (near Bishop’s Landing): 85.3 m (280 ft.) floating dock

Summit Seawall: 37.7 m (124 ft.) floating dock

Tall Ship Quay: 106.6 m (350 ft.) seawall

Power Service: Please inquire at Marina Office for available berths with power and applicable rates. 30, 50, 100 and 200amp services are available for overnight berths in select locations.

Security: General security is provided 24/7 along the Halifax waterfront. Please contact the security office at 902.471.5070 or email security@wdcl.cafor assistance or after-hours arrival check in.

Waste Disposal: Waste and recycling locations are available for visiting vessels.

Water Service: Water is available for overnight visiting vessels at select locations. Please inquire with our Marina Office.

Wireless Internet: Nova Scotia’s most visited destination is wireless. The Halifax waterfront offers free wireless service in key public areas from the Cable Wharf to Tall Ships Quay.


Halifax Mega Yacht


Canada DayThe WDCL waterfront is a Blue Flag Marina and the season runs from May 1 until October 31.

To learn more about Blue Flag visit: www.environmentaldefense.ca/blue-flag

Like most marinas these days there is an extensive list of dos and don’ts, all of which seem quite reasonable, so please:

  • Respect the marina environment and surrounding marine areas.
  • Refuel at a designated fuel dock only.
  • Discharge bilge water at a designated pump-out facility.
  • Discharge sewage, or black water, at a designated pump-out facility only, and never into the Halifax Harbour or into the ocean.
  • Hazardous materials may not be disposed of on Waterfront Development property.
  • Major boat repairs may not be conducted on Waterfront Development property. Small repairs may be carried out in a conscientious manner, so long as litter, liquid or dry contaminants do not contaminate the ground or the water.
  • Boat washing may only be conducted on Waterfront Development property if eco-friendly detergents are used. Please limit the amount of washing you carry out.
  • Make every effort to use environmentally friendly products for maintaining and cleaning vessels.
  • Make use of onshore washroom facilities while at berth.
  • Retain all wastes onboard vessels while at sea and dispose of it in the appropriate receptacles for compost, recycling and waste upon your return to shore.
  • Respect vulnerable and natural areas in-and-around the Halifax Harbour, and along Nova Scotia’s coastline by taking necessary precautions not to alter, disrupt or destruct any of these areas, or by avoiding them altogether.
  • Do not smoke on wooden structures, walkways, or floating docks.
  • Do not park or use motor vehicles within the marina. Please make use of pay-and-display parking facilities.
  • Report any spills of hazardous materials such as fuel, oil, cleaners, etc. to the Marina Office.
  • Do not swim within the marina’s boundaries.
  • Do not consume alcohol on Waterfront Development property. Alcohol may be consumed in the confines of your vessel. Please do so under moderation, and do not drive your vessel.
  • Do not use fireworks or have open fires on Waterfront Development property.

You can keep up with all changes to the Halifax Waterfront, as well as Bedford, Dartmouth and Lunenburg, at www.my-waterfront.ca

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