X-Shore Eelex 8000

Compiled by Andy Adams

No longer an outlier or a flash-in-the-pan idea, electric boating is fast becoming a viable alternative that does not require compromises and that brings some bold new styling and ideas. One of the first builders to offer a pure electric boat that is big enough for offshore use, fast enough for most reasonable performance expectations and that offers significant cruising range as well, is from X-Shore in Sweden.

We got a Zoom call organized with one of the X-Shore founders, Abozar K. joining with Patrick Hardy, President @ BCI Marine, Canadian distributor.

The first X-Shore model is a 26-foot centre console that clearly expresses the founders’ commitment to design technology and sustainability with features like cork decking and flooring and the option of flax fibre in the composite construction and recycled plastics used wherever practical. This first model is the Eelex 8000 and the styling is handsome, distinctive and at the same time, a visual representation of the founders’ ideas.

Modular FurnitureThe interior supports modular furniture that can accommodate many different activities.

The lines are very clean with three inboard-mounted cleats and fairleads on each side. Generous freeboard eliminates the need for deck rails and the transom is left open to support a wide range of accessories and activities.

Abozar was direct about how they were inspired by Elon Musk and Tesla. The X-Shore Eelex 8000 is a fully electric powered boat with a 300 hp electric engine and a high degree of tech in the boat’s systems. Just as Teslas are actually quite fast, the X-Shore Eelex 8000 cruises at 25 knots, tops out at 35 knots (over 40 mph) and can deliver a 100 nautical mile cruising range. Acceleration is more than sufficient for towed water sports going from 0 to 20 in 4.2 seconds and the load capacity is 2,500 kg. A combination of factors like the light-weight company-developed electric drive train and advanced composite construction help keep the boat’s weight down to 2,600 kg. The hardtop is light-weight carbon fibre construction.

The 225 kW engine is very compact and drives a shaft and propellor layout with a rudder – rugged and proven components that in combination with a bow thruster system, make the X-Shore Eelex 8000 easy to steer and dock.

The Helm



The 24” Garmin screen dominates the helm and there are three storage compartments seen in the foreground.

Battery charging has to be a part of the good news and X-Shore claims full charging in 6 hours on 32A for the two Kreisel KBP 60 Lithium Ion packs. The batteries are liquid cooled and heated as well. The boat will come with a selection of changing adaptors, so you can charge almost any place and there is a fast charge option to take the batteries from 20% to 80% quickly.

X-Shore HardtopThe carbon fibre hardtop can support a roof rack for your toys.

The parallels to Tesla are even more noticeable at the helm. A 24” Garmin screen “is” the connected helm with all functions displayed there using all in one software. A Garmin Captain’s Watch is available that helps to deliver a totally integrated experience. Utilizing an “Internet of Things” solution, you can securely start your X-Shore with the Garmin MARQ Captain Watch. This includes a Man Overboard sensor for safety and the Our Watch App can send out support information in the event of any mishap.

Then, an App lets you stay in synch with your Eelex 8000 from anywhere to check real-time battery updates, available range and charging countdown as well as other functions.

X-Shore Eelex 8000 WheelThe automotive style wheel carries several controls.

In addition to all the high-tech features, there are numerous clever design aspects in the interior including dual aluminum mounting rails in the floor. These flank the floor sections that lift for service access. The rails can also secure a selection of interior furniture such as seating, storage bins, sun lounge and other accessories greatly enhancing versatility. Under the hardtop you find a smart picnic table with three storage compartments including a cooler / chillbox and the covers make a surface to lay things out on. Above, on the hardtop are massive speakers that will let you make the most of the silent running you get from the electric drive.

Garmin Captain's WatchA Garmin Captain’s Watch gives the owner a remote connection to many of the X-Shore’s functions.

There is a lot more detail that we didn’t have room for this time, but we can’t wait to actually drive an X-Shore Eelex 8000 and report on the performance first-hand. The founders are building a super-factory in Sweden and have further plans to establish a US factory in short order. They anticipate significant sales globally. It seems the time has come for electric boating, so prepare to get onboard!




The pull-out boarding ladder also has hand-holds built into the flooring for ease of use.The Pull-Out Boarding Ladder

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