Lagoon 380

boat_review-sail-lagoon-largeA surprise to many people is that the Lagoon brand is part of the Beneteau Group, a respected leader in the pleasure boat industry with renowned brands such as Jeanneau, Wauquiez, and CNB. This affiliation alone ensures a long-standing commitment to advanced moulding technology and manufacturing practices. Based in southern France. the company’s roots go back to building racing boats, and this passion for competition and high-tech construction boasts over fifty high-tech competition prototypes including formula 40, maxi-multihulls, 60′ trimarans, One Tonners, F1 monohulls, America’s Cup Boats, Globe Challenge etc. The focus today is on leveraging this pedigree into building boats that pay attention to the details, have an edge in design and still perform on the water. 

The ever-popular Lagoon 380 has just had a makeover, after the Lagoon team spent time on its bigger versions, the 420 and 500. This innovative remake accentuates the features of the boat inside, particularly because the interior details have been designed by Xavier Fay. This makes real sense actually; the 35-40 foot lengths seem to be selling everywhere these days in both power and sail. This recent rework focused on the interior; the hull itself had been a winner from the start; just ask those that have sailed it. The company claims that there are 500 boats in private hands and charter fleets worldwide and its success has been remarkable. Van Peteghem and Lauriat-Prevost have a great boat design here.

Two new versions of the interior are now available; the Premium which boasts a few more features like extra lockers, drawers and dingy davits. The lower priced version marketed under the club name is still well-appointed but a bit more modest. Both are available with 3 or 4 double cabin configurations.  Differences include improved engine sound insulation, upgrade upholstery for the Premium version, and both models boast Harken deck hardware and winches, and well laid out easy access control lines that are led back to the cockpit.

As noted the years of experience in numerous markets globally has elevated the company’s base features on their boats. Although access to the 380 the engine through the transom is a great  feature, we think that the most significant elements of this boat is the large, welcoming cockpit with its large table and bench seat. We like the rigid walkway on the trampoline too.  Wide side decks are a plus for those who want to cruise offshore. It’s no wonder that charter fleets have such success with these boats and why many of those who charter become owners.

This boat is designed for the on water lifestyle – with its central galley neatly positioned between the cockpit and salon. Inside or out one feels spoiled in this boat as the salon’s magnificent 360 degree view and huge space. With the new look and feel both versions of the 380 offer updated colour schemes featuring light coloured oak. Standing headroom will max out at a surprising 6’ 7” in the cabins to 6’9” in the aft part of saloon.  The chart table is directly accessible from the cockpit, a friendly area where the table is immediately adjacent to the galley and its bench seats.

This boat does not disappoint for storage and locker space either; the new lengthened forward washroom and toilet compartment features a manual full-size marine head, fibreglass sink unit cupboard and a separate shower zone with door (welcomed in the new configuration). The entire starboard side in the three cabin version is dedicated to owner’s use and the large cabin is complimented with a desk alongside the gangway.

We haven’t had the redesigned version out for a test sail yet, but the reputation of this boat is stellar and our review of the vast interior and great features throughout suggest that if you cruise you should consider it seriously, and if you charter you should embrace the opportunity to live aboard and to experience life on a multihull. Apparently, this boat will sail at between 6 and 11 knots comfortably, totally flat! We’ll confirm that when we get aboard the L380 landing in Toronto late this summer.

By John Kerr

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