Jeanneau Yachts 60

A yacht to match every desire with style and performance

(Left) The 110% jib and twin rudders make the Jeanneau Yachts 60 an all-around performance boat.

By Katherine Stone

For many, the 2020 sailing year will be one to go down into the books as “different”. With delayed boat launches, cancellations of regattas, flotillas, rendezvous and boat shows, everything was in flux. As families found they couldn’t send kids off to camp and large gatherings were discouraged, other options began to take hold. Hence our Canadian dealers sold everything on their lots, whether they were new or used boats. Then, at the end of July there was nothing left on the shelves of marine stores and dealer lots…… no equipment, parts or boats to sell, as many of the manufacturers had closed down and stopped production. So, how does a boat reviewer do her job, well she gets creative! So, I contacted Catherine Guiader, North American Jeanneau sales manager, at their Annapolis location.

At the time of this writing, the Dusseldorf Boat Show (The BOOT), planned for January 2021 is still a go. At the event, Jeanneau Yachts plans on unveiling a new strategic shift for the shipyard by replacing the hugely popular Jeanneau Yachts 58 (discontinued in 2019 with just over 170 sold) with the new Jeanneau Yachts 60. Hull #1 will be splashed in France in November 2020 – definitely a highlight for the boating industry. With an undeniable move to an upscale market, the new style will be incorporated into the rest of the 54 -64 range and feature a semi-custom personalization programme. You name it, in layout and style, it will be accommodated.

The SalonThe various layouts for the salon allow for endless options.

The joint work of navel architect Philippe Briand and British designer Andrew Winch has produced a new, innovative style which highlights a high sheer line, integrated bowsprit, inverted bow and a sleek hull chine. Coupled with this is the longitudinal garage that will accommodate a 10-foot (2.9m) tender that can now be launched and hauled effortlessly. The options on and in the new hull and deck are formidable with an outdoor galley, releasable forestay, furling mast and/or a rollbar, hard top or spray hood. In essence you can easily have a boat adapted for lengthy blue water ambitions, or tailored down to a more casual, family oriented and sporty “Mediterranean” model. Briand has risen to the top of his field in the design of a sleek, fast hull and Winch adds his expertise with attention to detail and quality of fit and finish.

The Owner's CabinThe owner’s cabin forward with the settee provides plenty of lounging space.

In their quest for excellence, the Jeanneau team combines timeless style with a contemporary look. The innovative deck layout incorporates their walk-around, inclined side decks (brought about 2 years ago with the new Sun Odyssey range) and flush decks forward of the mast, to enable easy movement about the boat. This is especially appealing to families with young children and sailors with mobility challenges to move about the deck with safety being the top priority. In fact, Catherine, who has two rambunctious 4 and 6 year-olds found that they were very comfortable running around the deck on their latest trip on a Jeanneau 410, featuring the same deck, and she felt confident in their safety. The sail plan includes a self-tacking jib and three mast heights (classic, performance and carbon). With ideas captured from the catamaran lifestyle, there are dedicated living spaces for entertaining, reading, sunbathing, relaxation, dining and meal preparation – all highlighting a luxurious life on board.

The Aft Owner's CabinThe aft owner’s cabin is luxurious in teak.

The wonderful new innovation of the offset drive-in dingy garage, allowed the designers to incorporate the provision for a master aft stateroom. Usually in this size of boat, the dinghy garage meant that you had to sacrifice the owner’s aft cabin, which is often the best place for it to be located. With a lateral garage, or one in the middle of the boat, access and launch becomes rather tricky and the only option then becomes twin cabins in the stern.

The cockpit features twin wheels which drive twin rudders. All engine controls including bow and stern thrusters are controlled from the starboard helm, however, the Raymarine GPS can be found at each helm station. The swim platform becomes a terrace on the sea accessed by a hinged helm seat that pulls up and actual stairs down from the cockpit. The cockpit table lowers to the height of the benches, providing even more lounging space. Jeanneau has found that these features are a definite plus to their design as their customers report that they spend 80% of their time there.

So, let’s move inside and look at the possible new 19 layouts that highlight more volume! To make it easier, they Jeanneau Yachts 60 can be split into four living areas. Moving forward from the stern, the aft living area is our first showcase.

The aft section can be configured into two options:

• The owner’s cabin

• Double cabins that feature a twin bunk (where the bottom bunk slides out to reveal a double) to port and a double berth to starboard. Definitely inviting for either another couple, single friends, or a family with three children.

Next, there are three possible layouts for the starboard saloon. With the galley positioned forward for the first time, more counter, prep and refrigerator space is available. The saloon then becomes extremely spacious using the widest part of the hull:

• An “open plan” which allows for two, customer chosen, free-standing armchairs and sofa

• A sofa (where the dining table can be lowered to form a large lounger) and adjacent chart table

• A pullman cabin with lateral twin bunks

Moving forward there are two versions for the immense forward cabin:

• The owner’s cabin

• A double berth cabin which can be converted, in less than 5 minutes with no tools or hardware, into a luxurious true owner’s cabin by sliding the central bulkhead into a dedicated storage space. One berth can then be transformed into a sofa, creating a suite – clever as well as functional!

Finally, the forepeak where three versions are available:

• A skipper’s cabin (for that adventurous child or an inexperienced couple that need a captain)

• A sail locker

• An actual sixth cabin any guest would enjoy

Large hull ports let in copious amounts of natural light and provide excellent views while dining below. The use of solid wood, beautiful fabrics and leathers by Foglizzo blend together to provide an unbelievable feel of luxury. Both teak and oak wood colours are offered with matching floorboards. Cabin colour styles of Sand, Affogato and Royal Blue help to personalize an incredibly unique interior design. Pair this with the quest to have a sailing vessel that demonstrates “best in class” sailing performance. With a maximized waterline balanced with overall length you end up with a perfect combination. The boat sails on its chine, allowing you to carry more sail before having to reef.

The Jeanneau Yachts 60 could possibly be an owner’s dream-come-true, designed just for you to satisfy all your needs, wants, preferences and cruising desires. Although their target market has been 55 – 65 year-old clients, they are now finding that couples with younger, as well as older children are becoming more frequent owners. At the time of printing, we do not have a sail away price confirmed yet.

For dealers in Canada visit :

Navy Point Yacht Sales in Toronto (Navy Point in Sacket’s Harbour, NY) 

Fraser Yacht Sales in British Columbia

Sunnybrook Yachts in Nova Scotia 


Overall Length – 59’11”
Waterline length – 55’2”
Beam – 17’
Standard Keel draft – 8’ 4”
Shallow keel draft – 6’ 10”
Displacement – 44,467 lbs
Cabins – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6
Engine – Yanmar 110HP or 150HP (shaft drive)
Mast height above the waterline – 82’4”
Standard sail area – 1,410 sq ft ( Furling Mainsail + self-tacking jib)
Optional sail area  – 1,754 sq ft ( Full-Batten Mainsail +110% Genoa)
Architects – Philippe Briand Yacht Design- Winch Design-Jeanneau Design

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