Hanse 315

It was a perfect day for boat testing and not so great for picture taking, but we always like the chance to go sailing when we can demonstrate to ourselves the full attributes of any boat. They say the devil is in the details and the Hanse 315 did not disappoint. The 315 is the smallest in the new generation of the Hanse line and Hanse continues to impress setting trends and showing great innovativeness.

It’s no wonder that that Hanse 315 was nominated for the European boat of the year and its obvious to us that this is a wonderful and will be popular boat. This boat reflects the evolving character and style Hanse seems to be pioneering of late.

Right away under sail one could sense the drive of this little boat and how quick it was, easily sailed and on track right away. It was a welcoming feel on the helm right from the get go, some boats slowly get you there but this Hanse felt great. Light on feel, well balanced and quick would summarize well the performance characteristics of this neat boat.

The cockpit is roomy for a boat of this size, perfectly safe and roomy for a family sail. The mainsheet is lead to a single point in the bottom of the cockpit with more than enough purchase. It was easy to move from side and the traveller was not missed at all. Travellers that divide cockpits are a drag and cut into the space and ease of movement.

The deck layout was excellent with the winch placement perfectly allowing easy access and handling for single-handed sailing. The moulded winch platforms were done well is a sign of the excellent engineering throughout. Sometimes this little detail can be missed and be an indication of what else is in store. Again attention to the little things set this boat apart. A clean deck layout leads the control lines aft and the self-tacker is such a nice touch making this boat a dream to sail alone or with family and friends. On the bow there is a large anchor locker and well designed bow fitting with integrated socket for a gennaker pole. Neat touches everywhere you look.

Above decks the features keep coming. The tapered masts not only give the boat a great look but it also allows easy trimming and better sail performance. Again the lazy jack system is standard and the fully battened mainsail looks great and performs very well. Another mat feature is the integrated sail cover and lazy jack system that is quick and efficient, when we returned to harbour we had the mainsail zipped up and away in no time. An easy access transom, a neat swim ladder and the cockpit shower are all well design and integrated. Double lifelines and a truly innovative stanchion attachment are also standard.

The 315 fractional rig is a nice touch too, happily moving the mast forward, ditching the old big overlapping genoa theory and allowing for a bigger main all combine to make a lighter helm and contribute to the easy light feel on the helm.

Below decks this boat presents just as well as it does above decks. With a 6” 1” head room it presents much bigger than it is but clearly it’s a bright, airy and well-appointed and functional layout. There is lots of storage under the bunks and throughout. The navigation table is large enough and is more than a comfortable place to plot and work on charts. The standard lift top table gives more than adequate storage.

The forward cabin is well done with a neat integrated seat that will fold away to make a large double berth. A big locker is also a nice touch and does not impose on the forward cabins space in any way. The aft cabin is perfect and is set out with a double berth and separate hanging locker with integrated shelves.

The head is bright and large enough with a shower and functional sink, mirror and counter. A separate hatch is also present as is a separate entrance to more aft storage than most could ever need.

The L shaped galley is functional and neatly done a large double sink, stone like counter top, isotherm fridge and gimballed stove are surrounded by more than adequate storage.

The Yanmar Engine is easily accessible and is very quiet. The electrics and panels are well done, and perfectly installed. All other systems are also well set out and it’s evident the attention the Hanse crews gives to every aspect of its boats.

The boat is a treat and is a perfect performance cruiser for a family or perfect for the club racer. Frankly it’s a winner that gives much more value than one would think and the quality and workmanship, the attention to detail and the performance all work so well together. The Hanse 315 is hard to beat.


To see if this boat is available, go to http://www.boatcan.com for listings!

By John Kerr
























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