Fliteboard announces full 2024 product range offering new innovations for every type of rider

Fliteboard 2024 New Releases

Apr 11, 2024

Fliteboard, a brand of Mercury Marine and a leader in the eFoil industry, has introduced its 2024 product range.
The full range includes the fourth generation of Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO with new options including a high performance Aluminium eFoil propulsion system with titanium conical wing interface, a Marc Newson designed hand controller with a larger and brighter color screen, and a durable Soft Top EVA board range. Also announced today is the all-new ULTRA L2, the world’s lightest production performance eFoil designed for the most advanced riders. 
These new additions join Flite AIR and AIR PRO, launched in February at the Miami International Boat Show, the ultra premium Marc Newson Range, displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, the disruptive new FLITELab* surf range, and Flitescooter, the easiest way to ‘Take Flite’ over water.
“Every year since we announced the original Fliteboard in 2017, we’ve brought new, industry leading innovations to the world. We have gone all out for 2024 to complete the roll-out of our four-year product vision. The 2024 Flite range offers amazing ways to fly over water for everyone from beginner to pro; at both accessible and premium price points – all part of a modular ecosystem,” said David Trewern, Fliteboard CEO and Founder. “These new products leverage the award winning and celebrated Flite architecture which comprises Flitecell, Flitebox, Virtual gears, Unibody fuselage, Flite App, and Flite Jet.”
Fourth Generation Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO 
Flite’s core carbon and fiberglass boards enter their fourth generation, offering an optional new performance aluminum eFoil that includes new titanium wing interface for reduced drag, and an all-new performance wing range. Riders can also upgrade to the Marc Newson designed carbon fiber mast and premium color screen hand controller with a new shape and an interface dedicated to wave riding. The fiberglass range will be available in the new Yuzu shade.
Flite also today launched a Soft Top EVA for Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO models. The cushioned top layer offers a platform for beginners to comfortably grip the board with the extra durability making it ideal for launching from boats, jetties and docks.

The ULTRA L2 is the world’s lightest production performance eFoil weighing in at approximately 40 pounds (18.3kg), nearly half the weight of Flite’s first eFoil launched in 2018. The board will feature the new carbon fiber Marc Newson designed mast and Marc Newson designed hand controller, which provides more ergonomic and intuitive usability, and an all-new wave tracking feature. The board’s narrower shape provides ultimate manoeuvrability and a responsive feel, and its efficient folding prop designed by Mercury Marine automatically streamlines to surf waves unpowered. To create the lightest board possible, the battery box has been reduced and will be exclusively compatible with Flite’s Sport and Nano batteries.
These new releases join the recently launched Flite AIR and Flite AIR PRO boards and FLITELab* range to complete the full product range for 2024. Each board represents a key pillar of Flite’s brand: Affordability – Flite AIR, Accessibility – Soft Top EVA and Flitescooter, Performance – ULTRA L2, Design & Innovation – Flite x Marc Newson.
The Fliteboard community continues to grow at a rapid rate as nearly 11,000 Fliteboards have been sold in over 90 countries; feeling the amazing sense of freedom and flow that comes with riding on clean, quiet electric power.

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