Announcing the 2011 Canadian Sailing Team


raceweek-cya-largeThe Canadian Yachting Association is proud to announce the members of the 2011 Canadian Sailing Team. The team was established based on 2010 performance criteria found HERE. CYA also established a new national team structure that better defines a winning culture and more clearly delineates the way support is tailored to our sailors at various levels of development and international performance. The CST Podium team is established by elite level performance criteria and aligns with the Own the Podium program. The CST Senior Development team is determined by the CYA high performance staff based on ongoing international performances. The CST Development team includes both carded and non-carded athletes and is also determined by ongoing international results. We are pleased to introduce the following members to the team:

Podium Team

Paul Tingley ~ 2.4mR ~ 2008 Beijing Paralympics Gold Medallist, 2004 Athens,

2000 Sydney Bronze medallist

John McRoberts ~ SKUD ~ 2008 Beijing Paralympics Bronze Medallist, 1996 Atlanta Silver Medallist Sonar

Mike Leigh ~ Laser/470M ~ 2008 Beijing Olympics

Nikola Girke ~ RSX: W ~ 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2004 Athens

Lisa Ross ~ Radial ~ 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2004 Athens

Richard Clarke ~ Star ~ 1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens

Tyler Bjorn ~ Star

Brenda Hopkin ~ SKUD

Bruce Millar ~ 2.4mR ~ 2004 Athens Olympics

David Wright ~ Laser

Lee Parkhill ~ Laser


Senior Development Team

Luke Ramsay ~ Laser/470M

Chris Dold ~ Laser

David Hayes ~ RSX: M

Zac Plavsic ~ RSX: M ~ 2008 Beijing Olympics

Gordon Cook ~ 49er ~2008 Beijing Olympics

Hunter Lowden ~ 49er

Billy Gooderham ~ 49er

Ian Hogan ~ 49er

Isabella Bertold ~ Radial

Greg Douglas ~ Finn

Stuart Hebb ~ Star

Mike Wolfs ~ Star ~ 2004 Athens Olympics Bronze Medallist


Development Team

Robert Davis ~ Laser

Alexander Heinzemann ~ Laser

Evan Lewis ~ Laser

Claire Merry ~ Radial

Ingrid Merry ~ Radial

Brenda Bowskill ~ Radial

Dominique Vallee ~ RSX: W

Martin Robitaille ~ Finn

Jonathan Ladha ~ 49er

Daniel Inkpen ~ 49er

Matthieu Dubreucq ~ 49er

Trevor Parekh ~ 49er

Oliver Bone ~ 470 M ~ 2008 Beijing Olympics

Andrew McCorquodale ~ 470 M

Dana Archibald ~ 470 W

Karen Dexter ~ 470 W

Ken Kelly ~ Sonar ~ 2008 Beijing Paralympics, 1996 Atlanta Silver Medallist

Don Terlson ~ Sonar ~ 2008 Beijing Paralympics

Sean Dexter ~ Sonar

Erin Rafuse ~ Radial (non-carded)

Danielle Dube ~ Radial (non-carded)

2011 CST profile page is located HERE.

The Canadian Sailing Team has many funding partners to acknowledge for their contributions and support in the quest for sailing excellence. Special thanks are extended to our funding partners at Sport Canada, Own the Podium, the Canadian Olympic Committee , Canadian Sport Centres, and Wind Athletes. Other team supporters include Mercury Marine , GILL, Rolex , and Harken . Much of the success of the team can be attributed to the ongoing support of our funding partners and supporters.

Author: Canadain Yachting Association


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