The Sun’s UV factor: is it spoiling your boating enjoyment?

Bob Nicoll


Jan 23, 2020

CYOB’s West Coast Editor, Bob Nicoll

For the last 40 years boating has been a huge part of my life, but it came with a price.

Whether from racing or cruising on a sailboat in the Great Lakes, the Caribbean or British Columbia’s West Coast, I just couldn’t get enough of it.

During those 40 years on the water, my skin took a beating. I once had sunstroke which has forced me to wear a hat whenever I’m outside. Because of my fair skin I am very susceptible to sunburns, my lips were continually scabbing over and appeared to be translucent. Pre-cancerous growths on my face needed constant attention and removal.

In 2014 my wife and I picked up and moved to Canada’s West Coast and now live in Victoria, BC.

It didn’t take very long to hook up with some sailors at the Sydney North Saanich Yacht Club and I was off to the races. In 2017, I was lucky enough to join a group at the Canadian Forces Sailing Association on a boat called Pitoraq. We had a great year by taking in all the regattas that make up the Vancouver Island Racing Series and we ended up first overall.

Doctor Gordon Telford Dr Gordon Telford

In 2015 I was referred to a dermatologist, Dr. Gordon Telford ( ). After several treatments he asked if I would I try a preparation that he had invented which was basically made up of vitamin A and vitamin E.

From that day on, I would wet my face each morning and pump, a small amount of cream onto one of my fingers then spread it all over my face, ears, neck, back of my hands and elbows. With a small amount of the cream I could feel it spreading throughout my face. What was unique about the cream was that I could put it on my eyelids and lips. There is no taste, no burning in my eyes and the ingredients dried and blended into my skin, within minutes. I could be out on the water all day staring into the sun with just one application.

Since following this regiment over the last few years, I have not had a sunburn or a scab on my lips and the natural colour has come back to my lips. At the end of the day on the water, my face would be bright red, however, my face would come back to its natural colour by the next day. Lastly, most importantly, I have not had any pre-cancerous growths on my face, hands, ears and neck.

Dr. Telford began his award-winning dermatological research in 1988. His studies continued on through 1992 and received the prestigious Barney Usher Award for Original Research. He is now widely considered a leading authority on topically applied vitamins and is frequently asked to share his knowledge publicly on radio and television.

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