Safety: Excuses Don’t Float

Boating Safety

July 21, 2022

When it comes to boating safety, excuses don’t float! Whether you’re a seasoned boater or just getting your feet wet, when it comes to boating safety, we’ve all made excuses to help justify why we won’t wear a flotation device, take a boating course, or think it’s okay to have a few drinks while we’re out on the water with friends.

There is an excuse for almost everything and relying on them to make ourselves feel better about taking short cuts regarding safety is something all boaters can relate to. This shared experience is the premise for Boating BC Association’s latest boating safety campaign, funded by Transport Canada.
The campaign reminds us that, while excuses are abundant, so too are the statistics that counter them. You may think your PFD is close by and will be accessible when you need it, yet 80% of drowning victims couldn’t get to theirs in time! Maybe you think you have experience and don’t need to take a boating course, yet 75% of drowning victims never took a boating safety course. You might tell yourself a few drinks onboard is perfectly fine, but alcohol is a factor in over 40% of boating fatalities.

No one thinks an accident is going to happen to them, and excuses reinforce that belief. The reality is that every person who has had an accident thought the same way. The bottom line is Excuses Don’t Float! To learn more and see the full safe boating campaign, visit:

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