Nova Scotia Schooner Association 2016 Gathering in Hubbards

Schooner Races

June 5, 2016

In the summer of 1961 a group a schooner enthusiasts gathered on the harbour in Hubbards, NS to form the Nova Scotia Schooner Association (NSSA). This summer, 55 years later, the association’s members will be returning to Hubbards for their annual gathering.

The schooner fleet will be leaving Lunenburg on July 29th and making a 30 mile passage to Glen Haven on St. Margaret’s Bay, where it will be greeted by the numerous vessels of the St. Margaret’s Bay Sailing Cub.  The Club has festivities planned for that evening and club members also plan to accompany the schooners on their sail to Hubbards the next day. It promises to be a jaw dropping sight as the fleet enters Hubbards Cove.  

The schooner races in Hubbards will take place during the “Hubbards Cove Days” celebrations.  Many daily events are planned and attended by multitudes of residents and vacationers.  Fireworks, music, picnics, lobster suppers, talent shows … it’s a packed itinerary. As always, the schooner owners invite passengers to join in sailing and the schooners are always open to visitors who want a closer look at these impressive vessels.

 Last year the NSSA introduced the first, “Lady Skipper” race.  Women take the helm and compete for the magnificent hand carved “Willa Creighton Memorial Trophy”.  Willa Creighton was a founding member of the NSSA and her name is engraved on many of their beautiful trophies.  The race will be well attended as the women skippers show sailing skills, racing tactics and attitude that would make Willa Creighton proud. 

The NSSA encourages everyone to come and see the spectacular sight as a fleet of schooners take to the water and give a glimpse of the past and encouragement for the future.

Please visit the NSSA website for details on the schooners and a complete schedule of 2016 races. 

Willa Creighton Trophy



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