Diane Reid Takes Over as President of National One Design Academy

Diane Reid N1D

May 24, 2016

National One Design Sailing Academy announced today that Clipper Round the World Ocean Race Skipper, Diane Reid has been selected to take over as it’s President to lead the Company during the next phase in it’s evolution.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Diane take the day to day reins of the company”, said Candice Sheehan, Chairman. Diane Reid has been working with 1D Sailing since late Fall, 2015 and has already made huge strides to drive the company forward.

We have only scratched the surface of the opportunities available to us in our 3 years of business. As Diane perfects what we have, Dave Smith will be helping to develop what we can be. Dave Smith will stay involved as a member of the Company’s advisory board. I am excited to be able to focus my energy on the Company’s long term vision from the 30,000 foot level, said Smith.

Whether it be racing the Mini Transat 6.50 solo transatlantic race [in a 21′ boat] or managing a
70′ Clipper Ocean Racer with 18 beginner sailors as crew, Diane Reid has shown her ability to take on and manage huge challenges, said Dave. However, Dave continued, it would be a mistake to define Diane solely as an ocean racer. Diane’s credentials in project and business management are lengthy.

I was still in South Africa after finishing the second leg of the Clipper Round the World Ocean
Race when Dave called me, said Reid. He said: “Diane if you are coming home, we want you on our team”. 1D Sailing has been a great supporter of me and One Girls Ocean Challenge said Reid. They brought Gary Jobson to Oakville as a speaker to help me raise money to bring my Mini back from the Canary Islands a couple of years back. “Dave and I think a lot alike,” said Reid. We are both totally committed to growing the sport of sailing and National One Design Sailing Academy is an amazing platform with which to do it. I can’t believe Dave has given me control of our fleet and offered me the opportunity to lead the Company’s mission as I see appropriate.

In the few months since I started working with the Company, they’ve proved to me the Company’s solid commitment to be a leading Transport Canada Recreational Boating School, National One Design Sailing Academy currently has some 25 different courses listed on it’s program tab and we will be continuing to add more courses regularly, said Reid.

One of the most exciting things about 1D Sailing is it’s commitment to the sailing community. This summer we are hosting the Blind Sailing North Americans, the Canadian Match Racing Championships, the Canadian Inter-collegiate Association Keelboat Championships and the 1D Cup yacht club champion of champions regatta. We are on the cutting edge of providing quality boating education and hosting great events. Leading, molding and shaping this team is my dream job, Diane said.

National One Design Sailing Academy
1429 Speers Road
Oakville, ON L6L 2X5


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