POTW: Gordie Scores Soon

Gordie Bridge

Oct 26, 2023

Alex Lister caught a series of shots of construction on the Gordie Howe International Bridge, which will provide more capacity to the heavily trafficked border crossing between Windsor and Detroit. This artistic capture has to be our Photo of the Week!

Boaters on the Detroit River have been craning skyward at the construction. When completed, it will include a clear centre span of 853 metres over the River with the six-lane deck 46m above the water (even your mast will have clearance!)

Here’s a look at the whole impressive project as of now.

Thanks to our SW Ontario point man, Roger Renaud, for forwarding this stunning pic.

You too can be a famous photographer by sending your photos to or POTW mailbox.  boating shots of any sort – kids, pets, signs, ports, regattas, winter, sunsets etc, etc.  Just send your shots onboard@kerrwil.com and put POTW in the subject line please.  Looking forward to seeing yours!

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