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A recent Canadian Yachting magazine reader survey showed that there is a big population of boat ownership under 27-feet amongst our audience. There are also some major design influences guiding the boat builders’ new designs and also our readers’ selections of new boats.

We believe that the most powerful influence is the social side of boating. As Canada’s large Baby Boom generation heads towards retirement, after many enjoyed successful careers and the power of dual-income households, people can afford to have some fun and bringing their now-adult children and their grandchildren together is at the top of the list.

What could be more appealing than to all go boating together? Nothing we can think of!

Answering that consumer desire, the latest design trends are powering the growth in what we call ‘day boats’; larger boats that can accommodate a gang of family and friends in comfort. Recently, our regular readers have seen numerous power boat reviews featuring day boats (like the Regal LS 36 in the April issue). 

At much more affordable price points, the same social factors are powering the pontoon boat market to ever-greater heights as one family after another discovers that pontoon boats are well-suited to large groups, pets and children and even wheelchairs that are almost impossible to accommodate on other types of boats.

Another factor is the popularity of tubing and wake-surfing. The speeds are slow and the wake-surf boats want the weight of a boat full of passengers to help create the biggest wake. Generous seating means everyone onboard can watch the people surfing behind. It’s not only a group activity but one that most people can easily participate in. Getting on a surfboard and getting towed around the lake is pretty easy and that means everyone can share in the fun.

We have to mention fishing as another major attraction to boating. Statistics show that more than half of all pleasure boaters fish. There are some dedicated fishing boats that are well worth a look and boats like pontoons can make excellent fishing platforms. We selected a few examples in various price ranges for you to check out.

In this feature story, we also wanted to cover a few of the most popular sailing dinghies and performance boats. Sailing is the most ‘green’ a boater can go and the environment is on everyone’s mind these days.

Speaking of the environment, we have included some electric boat options for those who want to pioneer a new era in electric boating.

We hope this serves as a useful reference to the exciting new boats in the under-27’ category.


Our picks for two of the most important new boats:

 VEER 2 400


At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this past January, Brunswick Corporation launched Veer, an all-new boat brand designed to support electric propulsion and appeal to the next generation of boaters. They debuted the first model in the Veer line-up; the X13.

The Veer X13 is a 13-foot, multi-tool vessel built from durable rotomolded polyethylene to enable boaters to experience the outdoors with confidence. The X13 is designed to be powered by Mercury Avator electric propulsion systems or Mercury FourStroke outboards, including the Avator 7.5e electric outboard – the first product in the Avator series – which was also unveiled at CES 2023. Avator propulsion systems offer quiet, all-electric power, integrated with intuitive controls and advanced digital displays, and produce no direct emissions.

Starting at about $11,995 USD in the United States including a trailer, the X13 will be available in 2024 for Canadian orders at www.veerboats.com.




Sea Doo Switch 400 Sea Doo Switch 2 400


BRP took out a clean sheet of paper to design the Sea-Doo Switch and they came up with not one, but a whole series of boats. The Switch is modular and there are countless variations available. The bow of the boat is the same in every case and so is the boat from the helm back, but with modular components, it’s possible to adjust the length of the boat from 13-feet up to 19-feet plus the swim platform.

It’s extremely changeable just like a Lego set. BRP created the “LinQ” system where slots in the flooring match tabs on the components and accessories like the seat bases and tables. These click securely into place. You can relocate the seats, coolers and other parts for watching tubing and swimming, to make up a tanning lounge, serve food or seat the maximum number of passengers. The Switch can evolve as your uses evolve. BRP has priced it for wide success starting at $27,299 including trailer.

Sea-Doo Switch: LOA: variable from 13’ to 21’ / Power: Rotax 130 to 230 HP / www.sea-doo.com




The many builders of pontoon boats offer a wide range of features and options. In addition to basic cruising versions, there are fishing versions, ones with bars and bar stools, wake sports towers, swim platforms and ladders and far more. Pontoon boats are a very competitive market for both price and features. Have a look at these pontoons that are sold in Canada:


Aqua patio 225 1 400 Aqua patio 225 2 400


Time… few things in life are more cherished. Whether that time is spent with people that matter or making the memories of the future, whatever your passion, Godfrey Pontoon Boats are the perfect platform for you to make connections that will never end. Make it last with Godfrey. Choose from either signature stern Ultra Lounge or Dual Flip Lounge seating. The AquaPatio Lounge models allow you to chill during the heat of the day and cruise the sunset after. Aqua Patio 255ULC starting at $116,655 MSRP CAD, well equipped.

Aqua Patio 255ULC: LOA: 25’10” / Pontoon Diameter Outer Tubes 25” Inner 27” / Beam: 102” / Wet Weight: 4,200 LBS with Engine / 45 Gallon Fuel Capacity / 17 Person Capacity / 400 Max Horsepower / www.godfreypontoonboats.com



Bennington LX Sport 1 400 Bennington LX Sport 2 400


The LX Sport has sleek lines and sporty integrated docking lights that bring the look and feel of the popular RX Sport into Bennington’s mid-level lineup. Smooth exterior panels are new to the LX line, and the integrated docking lights house navigation and sporty accent running lights. The standards list includes key features like an elevated helm for clear sight lines and the 7″ multi-function display to keep maps, speed and depth readings at your fingertips. The premium Corvina steering wheel, glass windscreen and sleek LX Sport furniture elevate the interior’s look and comfort level. A power Bimini for quick shade on a sunny day keeps everyone comfortable, while the Rockford PMX 2 sound keeps the tunes flowing. Choose from the roomy quad bench fastback with ample seating for friends and family or the versatile swing-back that provides room to lounge and enjoy the sandbar. Approximate price range at retail for the LX Sport 23LXSSB is $156,355 MSRP CAD, well equipped.


LX Sport 23LXSSB: LOA: 24’9″ / Pontoon Diameter Outer Tubes 25″ Inner 25″ / Beam: 102″ / Weight with no Engine: 2,525 – 3,600 LBS / 32 Gallon Fuel Capacity / 12 Person Capacity / 250 Max Horsepower / www.benningtonmarine.com       



Harris Grand mariner 250 1 400 Harris Grand mariner 250 2 400


At the media introduction to the amazing new Mercury V10 400 HP outboard at Lake X last November, Andy Adams had the pleasure of going out with the President of Harris Boats in the Harris Grand Mariner 250.

This magnificent craft is a great day boat that topped out at 50.2 mph with Andy driving at Lake X in Florida. The flip bench seat can face aft or fold down into a sun bed. Equipment includes port and starboard side swim platforms, a big stainless steel boarding ladder and the Grand Mariner can seat more than 12 people. It has storage under the roto moulded seats and an insulated cooler in the stern. The power tower includes lighting and a Bimini top for maximum convenience. The new V10 Mercury 400 HP engine delivers great acceleration. A big group of passengers won’t slow this rig down.

Harris Grand Mariner 250: LOA: 27’11” / Pontoon Diameter Outer Tubes 25″ Inner 25″ / Beam: 8’6” / Weight: 4,045 LBS / 28 Gallon Fuel Capacity / 12 Person Capacity / 450 Max Horsepower / www.harrisboats.com



Manitou Cruise 22 1 400 Manitou Cruise 22 2 400


BRP is very proud of the aluminum body on the Manitou. It’s so shapely and curving that at first, you would assume it was fibreglass. There are integrated headlights that look like the new cars. In fact, there is a lot of automotive influence in the upholstery design and especially in the very clean digital dashboard.

The aspect that really sets the Manitou pontoons apart is the availability of the 150 Rotax powerplant. This is an engine that is very low and flat allowing for the full-sized MaxDeck at the stern. However, the boat can also be ordered to accommodate selected conventional outboard engines of 250 to 400 HP as well, but that takes up a big chunk of the swim platform.

The Rotax is a direct injection two-stroke with a separate oil injection tank that allows up to 100 hours on a fill. That’s probably two seasons or more for most families. Manitou Cruise models start as low as $68,000 but you can load the boat up with luxury options and extra power to get an XT 27 model up over $200,000. Very elegant!

Manitou Cruise 22: LOA: 22’4” with MAX Deck / Beam: 8’5” / Wet Weight: 3,037 LBS / 10 Person Capacity / 24 Gallon Fuel Capacity / 150 MAX Horsepower / https://www.manitoupontoonboats.com/ca/en/



Princecraft brio 210 1 400 Princecraft brio 210 2 400


Going electric is now possible and conveniently available when you choose one of the Princecraft Brio pontoon models. Available in 17’7”, 19’7” and 21’7” lengths, there is a Brio model to suit most families and they are powered by Torqeedo electric motors. Choose from the Torqeedo Cruise 3.0 model, the Cruise 6.0 or the Cruise 12.0 and from several different battery systems as well. Prices range from $28,874 for the Cruise 3.0 equipped Brio 170 to the Cruise 12.0 powering the Brio 210 2S at $62,641. The Brio is available with all the features buyers look for with high-quality upholstery and generous seating, a comfortable helm and a Bimini roof. Sound systems, swim ladders and fishing features are among the popular options.

Video: https://www.princecraft.com/ca/en/products/Pontoon-Boats/2023/Brio-Electric-Series.aspx

Princecraft Brio line from 170 to 210 – 201 2S: LOA: 21’7” / Beam: 8’5” / Wet Weight (boat only): 1,605 LBS / 9 Person Capacity / Several battery options available depending on model / www.princecraft.com



Princecraft Vectra23RL 1 400Princecraft Vectra23RL 2 400  


If you are looking for a top quality, affordable pontoon boat, with a lot of space to accommodate up to 12 people and that will let you practice all your favorite water sports, look no further than this Vectra® 23 RL. With a chaise lounge, a radio, a 12-volt outlet, a swim platform, without forgetting the RL design, at the stern, including a captain passenger seat, a sundeck with a 2-position adjustable backrest, a large table, and storage under all the seating area, you will appreciate the simplicity and practicality of this. This 23’6’’ pontoon boat can accommodate an engine ranging from 40 to 115 HP, up to 150 HP with the optional Speed configuration, and up to 175 HP with the optional Sport and Performance configurations.

Princecraft Vectra 23 RL: LOA: 23’6” / Beam: 8’5” / Wet Weight (boat only): 1,878 LBS / 12 Person Capacity / 29 Gallon Fuel Capacity / 40 to 175 MAX Horsepower / www.princecraft.com




Starcraft SLS3 1 400STARCRAFT SLS-3 Q-DH

The Starcraft SLS-3 Q-DH is a performance pontoon boat with triple tubes that have lifting strakes to enhance speed and handling. The powder-coated black railing looks very sharp and there is an extended aft deck for swimming and tow sports along with a flip backrest aft seat. The railings extend all around the stern for safety when running and there’s a four-step boarding ladder to help people back into the boat.

Starcraft SLS-3 Q-DH: LOA: 24’8” / Beam: 102” / Weight: 2,750 LBS / Person Capacity: 12 / 60 Gallon Fuel Capacity / 300 MAX Horsepower / www.starcraftmarine.com





Sunchaser 25 sbx 1 400SUNCHASER 25 SBX

With great features like the twin forward sunlounge seats, the aft cocktail table and seating with the flip backrest for riding forward or facing aft for wake sports and swimming, the 25 SBX is a big handsome pontoon. The stern has sturdy open railings for safety without blocking the view and there is plenty of deck space for swimming and socializing.

Sunchaser 25 SBX: LOA: 26’8” / Beam: 102” / Dry Weight: 3,250 LBS / Person Capacity: 13 / 60 Gallon Fuel Capacity / 350 MAX Horsepower / www.sunchaserboats.com





Sylvan L5 DLZ 1 400SYLVAN L5 DLZ BAR

This triple tube pontoon model is a big one and it has a special feature; the aft sun lounge flips up from either side to become a bar with four bar stools! There’s a generous tabletop for food and beverages and the four stools make a great conversation space. Very clever! It’s also rated for up to 350 HP so the performance will be impressive too!

Sylvan L5 DLZ BAR: LOA: 25’10” / Beam:102” / Dry Weight: 3,250 LBS / Person Capacity: 14 / 60 Gallon Fuel Capacity / 350 MAX Horsepower / www.sylvanmarine.com







Tahoe and also Avalon Pontoons, are both built near Sarnia, Ontario and the company is the third largest pontoon builder making 130 boats a week! Their catalogue shows 85 models with 245 options, 14 colours, 12 primary colours of upholstery and 12 accent colours. From entry size to luxury models, there is a world of choice.

As their Regional Sales Manager explained, aluminum pontoons are light and fuel efficient. One in four people don’t like water and don’t like the boat slamming. Pontoons bridge the waves for a smooth ride. Various seating layouts and features let buyers choose the model that best suits their activities from wake surfing to fishing and everything in between. Tahoe Pontoons offers an incredible range of models, features and prices. A great summertime choice is the Tahoe Cascade Funship Entertainer with waterslide. $98,691 Retail plus Freight Motor Trailer & PDI.

Tahoe Cascade Funship Entertainer: LOA: 25’5″ / Pontoon Diameter Outer Tubes 25″ Inner 25″ / Beam: 8’5” / Weight with no Engine: 2,450 LBS / 13 Person Capacity / 135 Max Horsepower / www.tahoepontoons.com





grady white 235 Freedom 1 400 grady white 235 Freedom 2 400


The Grady-White Freedom 235 is a dual console family fishboat with a 300 HP V6 Yamaha for great performance. The expansive beam brings a large boat feel and includes features like an oversized head compartment, freshwater cockpit shower and sturdy transom door providing access to swim or for dockside boarding. This 23-foot boat offers an optional wet bar and electromechanically extendable lounge seat as well as many other amenities. The SeaV2 hull design is a top-performer in rough water. The boat is standard with hard top and when you order the 300 Yamaha you get Digital Steering as well as Throttle and Shift. Priced in the low $200,000’s.

For photos: https://www.gradywhite.com/models/dual-consoles/freedom-235/

Grady-White 235 Freedom with Yamaha F300XSB: LOA: 23’7” / Beam: 8’6” / Wet Weight (boat only): 4,420 LBS / www.gradywhite.com




Hurricane SD 235 1 400Hurricane SD 235 2 400­­­­­­­­­


It’s time to experience the freedom, the possibilities and the fun of Hurricane. Here, moments are treasured, laughter comes easy and adventure is what you make it. Sometimes the best days on the water are spent doing nothing at all. The do anything, go anywhere personality of the SunDeck is perfect for going all-out or simply surrendering to the day. With conventional vee bottom hull performance and ride plus pontoon boat-sized accommodations, this deck boat is a great alternative! Hurricane SD235OB Starting at $66,105 MSRP CAD, well equipped.

Hurricane SunDeck235: LOA: 23’4” / Beam: 102” / Wet Weight: 4,850 LBS / Person Capacity: 12 / 52 Gallon Fuel Capacity / 200 MAX Horsepower / https://www.hurricaneboats.com/en-ca/




Key west 219FS 1 400KEY WEST 219 FS

The Key West 219 FS is the Family Sportsman model. It has comfort for all day enjoyment to take the family swimming, skiing or serious fishing. It has a stepped hull with a 24° deadrise at the entry that varies to 19° at the transom so it goes from the step to a flattened area to provide a good ride in big water and great performance. Rigged with a 150 to a 250, this boat performs very well. Powered with a 200, it’s a 48-mph boat. Foam-filled hull is an added quality feature. The Key West 219 FS can sell in the $119,000 range.

Key West 219FS with Yamaha F200XB: LOA: 21’9” / Beam: 8’6” / Weight (boat only): 2,250 LBS / www.keywestboats.com





Rossiter R20 1 400ROSSITER 20

The Rossiter 20 dayboat is a traditional family cottage closed deck runabout with massive seating for his size. It can handle 9 to 10 people behind the shelter of the big windshield and it has great seats as well as a small cuddy cabin where you can even add a Porta Potti toilet. Families in particular, love the flat floor and self-bailing cockpit feature. Classic styling and elegant finishes distinguish the Rossiter 20. Depending on power, the boat sells in the $135,000 range.

Rossiter R20 with Yamaha F200XCB: LOA: 20’6” / Beam: 83.5” / Weight (boat only): 2,269 LBS / www.rossiterboats.com





Scout 215 xsf 1 400SCOUT 215 XSF

Scout builds an impressive range of mostly saltwater centre console boats but their smaller utility models are their #1 sellers. The Scout 215 XSF Model is 21’6” x 8’6”. With the Yamaha 200, (regular 150 HP) that we saw on the show boat, the coloured hull, stern bench seat and the standard T-Top and the big cooler under the helm seat, the boat sells for around $225,000. It has a very nice helm with leaning seat and there is a helm console Porta Potti available. All power-matched Yamaha components, digital shift and 100% hand laid construction including a foamed hull. Top notch!

Scout 215 XSF: LOA: 21’6” / Beam: 8’6” / Weight (boat only): 2,776 LBS / www.scoutboats.com






Legend r15SC 1 400 Legend r15SC 2 400


Legend Boats has a network of dealers across Canada and they offer a range of boats that help make boating affordable. We chose to highlight the R 15 SC model that is $25,495 with a 25 HP ELPT Mercury outboard and also includes a swing tongue trailer. The boat has features like a forward casting platform, single helm seat with side console and a windshield that’s removable. There are bases for optional chairs and you can fit it with a depth finder, rod holders and other fishing features. To move up to an optional 40 ELPT Mercury, add $4,299. Legend does a great job of pricing and equipping their boats for your fishing dreams, including a payment plan option – with the 25 HP Mercury, for $53 per week OAC, you own a boat!

Legend R 15 SC: LOA: 15’1” / Beam: 76” / Towing Weight: 1,420 LBS / www.legendboats.com




Smoker craft adventurer 178 1 400SMOKER CRAFT ADVENTURER 178 & ADVENTURER 188 DC PRO 

This is an affordable fishing boat that emphasizes performance and efficiency. It’s designed with a planning pad hull that has extruded aluminum on the running surface giving the effect of a reverse chime for extra lift. This makes it more efficient so it’s both faster and uses less fuel. The boat includes the starboard side swim platform and ladder and with the careful selection of options the two different hulls provide consumers with 18 different models from a tiller version, a side console or a dual console model with full windshield, and even a fish and ski version. Retail is typically $67,000 to $75,000 depending on power.

ADVENTURER 178: LOA: 17’11” / Beam: 96” / Dry Weight (boat only): 1,731 LBS / www.smokercraft.com






Sea Doo FishPro Trophy170 1 400 Sea Doo FishPro Trophy170 2 400


There is a new way to go fishing and it’s fast, economical and very flexible – it’s the Sea-Doo Fish Pro. Anglers can easily run and gun faster and with less effort than conventional fishing boats using a Sea-Doo Fish Pro. You get 360-degree exposure and you are close to the fishing action. The three-seater Trophy 170 model is the most feature-rich with 7” Garmin touch screen, 5 rod holders, a removable LinQ stern cooler and much more.

Sea-Doo Fish Pro Trophy 170: LOA: 146.8” / Beam: 49.4” / www.sea-doo.com




Yamaha AR250 1 400YAMAHA AR 250

From wakeboarding to tubing, the Yamaha AR 250 can do it all and is sure to bring excitement to the whole family. Perfect for value-minded boaters, it comes standard with Yamaha’s award-winning Connext helm control system, colour-matched wakeboard tower and trailer. It’s truly one of the best buys in the industry. The transom area has innovative aft-facing seating for swimming and sun when moored and the jet drive power system means there is no exposed propellor.

Yamaha AR 250: LOA: 24’6” / Beam: 8’6” / Dry Weight (boat only): 4,034 LBS / www.yamaha-motor.ca





Yamaha waverunner ex sport 1 400YAMAHA WAVE RUNNER EX SPORT

Yamaha’s Wave Runner EX Sport is an attractively-priced fun machine designed to provide an incredible experience at the most affordable price. The EX Sport is feature rich and accessible. Featuring Yamaha’s award-winning, lightweight, three-cylinder TR-1 engine and mechanical reverse, it brings the power and tech you desire. The EX is powered by Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1 three-cylinder marine engine that is 40 percent smaller in size, 20 percent lighter in weight and provides better fuel economy than Yamaha’s previous four-cylinder Yamaha MR-1 engine. It features Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) for smooth, high-power output. $12,799 base.

Yamaha Wave Runner EX Sport: LOA: 123.6” / Beam: 44.5” / Dry Weight: 584 LBS / Seats: 3 / www.yamaha-motor.ca







Hobie wave 1 400 Hobie wave 2 400


The most versatile boat on the market. One person can sail it and right it alone, yet it can accommodate up to 4 adults. Go alone or bring your friends. Very stable, durable (made from polyethylene) and safe to use. That’s why you’ll find it at most Caribbean resorts. Roof rackable. $10,495 CAD excl. tax.

Hobie Wave: LOA: 13’ / Beam: 7’ / Draft (rudder up): 11” / Weight: 245 LBS / Seats: 1-4 / https://shop.foghmarine.com/hobie-wave-club.html





RS Zest 1 400 RS Zest 2 400











A stable and balanced boat to sail by one person, up to 3 adults or 5 kids. Sail can be reefed for novice use in windy conditions and sail can be furled without removing the mast for quick derigging. Pivoting centreboard and kick up rudder allows it to be used in areas where you may encounter sandbars or rocks. Durable polyethylene and easy to sail makes this a great recreational boat to sail. Roof rackable for aftermarket roof racks. $7,650 CAD excl. tax.

RS Zest: LOA: 11’9” / Beam: 4’10” / Hull Weight: 161 LBS / Seats: 1-3 / https://shop.foghmarine.com/rs-zest-sailboat.html 




Topper Topaz xenon 1 400TOPPER TOPAZ XENON XK1

Dinghy sailing with keelboat stability! The Topper Topaz Xenon XK1 lifting keel with a 35kg torpedo bulb makes it virtually impossible to capsize in normal sailing conditions. Topper’s unrivalled TRILAM construction will ensure the XK1 will withstand all the stresses of sailing and is practically maintenance-free. $21,999 CAD.

Topper Topaz Xenon XK1: LOA: 14’9” / Beam: 6’7” / Hull Weight: 309 LBS / Keel Weight: 144 LBS / Seats: 1-4 / https://www.toppersailboats.ca/xenon-xk1/





Topper topaz catamarans 1 400TOPPER TOPAZ CATAMARANS

International multihull racing legends Yves Loday and Robert White designed the Topper Topaz Catamarans. The Loday/White team has produced a stunning range of cats available in 12′, 14′, and 16′ sizes to suit all levels of skills. Ideal for fun beach sailing or for hanging off a trapeze! From $9,675 CAD.

Topper Topaz Catamarans: LOA: 12’, 14’, or 16’ / Beam: 5’10”, 6’9”, or 7’5” / https://www.toppersailboats.ca/






WASZP 1 400 WASZP 2 400


The one design foiler! The WASZP is the perfect platform to access world class foiling, whether you’re looking into one-design racing or a fun time spent on the water with family and friends. The WASZP has a robust construction with easy maintenance. No matter what your gender or age, there’s a place for everyone on a WASZP. $18,999 CAD + tax.

WASZP: LOA: 11’ / Beam: 7’4” / Weight (fully rigged): 105.8 LBS / Top Speed: 24 knots + / https://49er.ca/waszp




New Boats: Beneteau Oceanis 34.1 – A Sleek, Good -Looking Delight To Sail

By Katherine Stone

There is nothing more that I enjoy than being with friends and messing about in boats. Messing about in brand-new boats on a champagne sailing day on Lake Ontario at the beginning of the summer doesn’t get any better. To have the new owner, Helmuth Strobel and Anchor Yachts dealer Pancho Jimenez aboard made it even more special, as they can also speak to what they truly enjoy about the boat. We keep our own boat in a harbour that has a long waiting list for boats over 35 feet, so this little gem would definitely fit the bill and feels like a much bigger boat. True to the spirit of the 7th generation Oceanis line, the 34.1 is built in Poland and replaces the 35.1. It is 1,000 lbs lighter, 14 cm narrower and has 29% more sail area.

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Telegraph Cove—from Resource Community to Tourist Delight

Text and photos by Marianne Scott

Telegraph Cove is a small indent situated on Johnstone Strait in the Salish Sea, 15nm southeast of Port McNeill and near Robson Bight, famous for its orca-rubbing beaches. The village has experienced many iterations with a long history—the harbour once served as a summer camp for the Kwakwaka’wakw who fished and hunted here beginning about 8,000 years ago. Many of their descendants still live in the area.

It’s a hopping place in the summer—winter only caretakers remain on site.

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