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Beneteau Antares 12
Beneteau Antares 12 July 11, 2024 The French boating giant, Beneteau, has extended its line of enclosed weekenders with the Antares 12, which builds on the DNA of the historic...
Bayliner’s all-new Trophy 29 EX is an affordable weekender that blends the best of cruiser comforts with runabout performance
Seemingly part sailboat and part spaceship, the new Jeanneau Yachts 55 just busted through the boundaries of traditional yacht design. I couldn’t take my eyes off the bubble hardtop that...
While Canadians may have been slower to warm to pontoon boats than our southern neighbours, that’s definitely changed as we see more of them gracing our waters every year. The...
I have always thought that September and October in the Northern Hemisphere were the best times to sail. The kids are back in school, the anchorages are wide open, the...
The Pursuit S 268 Sport centre console is a do-it-all kind of boat with a solid sense of style. Centre console designs have been developed for the southern blue water...

Jeanneau Yachts 55

Throw away the box, this is some fresh thinking

Seemingly part sailboat and part spaceship, the new Jeanneau Yachts 55 just busted through the boundaries of traditional yacht design. I couldn’t take my eyes off the bubble hardtop that met me at the dock and I stepped aboard with trepidation. A few hours later, I was planning how to spend my not-yet-won lottery winnings.

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Boat Classifieds:

New Boats for Sale | Ontario | July ’24

2023 Regal 2000 ES

The featured new Ontario boats for sale for the July ’24 Edition of the New Monthly Classifieds are sponsored by:

All of the Brokers and Dealers boats listed below are located in Ontario. With a wide range of boat types and brands, both new and used, there is something here for every boating enthusiast. If you don’t see your perfect fit below, be sure to search the Broker and Dealer listings when you click through to the boats featured below.

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Paving the Way to Cleaner Boating – How a Commitment to Reducing our Environmental Impact is Inspiring Cleaner Boating in Ontario

By Dave Rozycki

Over the past seven decades, Ontario’s marina industry has developed alongside some of Canada’s largest freshwater lakes. Boaters have been able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and create lasting memories on the water, with certain marinas dating back to the 1960s. As we reflect on this rich history, we can begin to see trends in how our footprint may have had an effect on the environment, in not-so-positive ways. However, by embracing innovative solutions and adopting sustainable practices, both marinas and boaters hold the key to preserving and enhancing the quality of our lakes and marine life for generations to come.

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Please hold my calls – (I’ll get back to you in November)

By John Morris

For boaters in this country, every boating season day counts. To make the most of your on-the-water experience, getting organized in advance is critical.

You can’t perfect the entire season in one session, so we suggest one month at a time is optimal. July, the upcoming month, is a great opportunity to plan your boating and meet your social obligations, with a stress-free look at the upcoming 31 days.

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How To & DIY


Lagoon City Yacht Club raft-up aerial shot. The largest boat is in the centre with smaller boats on the outside except for one late joiner at the end on the right that should have been closer in.

By Sheryl Shard

On calm sunny days on the water, you will often see boats rafted together at anchor, their crews enjoying the day and each other’s company, sharing a meal, swimming off the sterns or playing with water toys around the boats in the raft.

Most often the raft will consist of just two to three boats with friends and families aboard meeting up to socialize, but occasionally you’ll see a larger number of boats rafted together for a special occasion, such as at the annual raft-up party hosted by our local yacht club on Lake Simcoe in Ontario each summer.

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Marine Products

Sirius Signal releases new Suction Cup Mounting System

Display mount enables quick and easy deployment of all Sirius Signal SOS eVDSD models.

Sirius Signal, the world’s leader in marine safety distress signal innovations, has announced the launch of a suction cup mount for all SOS distress lights it makes. In seconds, the mount can be deployed on any flat, smooth surface — horizontal and vertical — with full adjustability for the proper display angle.

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